Our outfitter has exclusive hunting rights on a huge tract of land in the NT of Australia spanning nearly 1,000,000 acres. With such a vast unpressured area the water buffalo numbers are higher then ever before tallying into the thousands. The past 10 years the property has only run archery hunts typically hosting about 12 archers per year. Our buffalo are less skittish due to the low hunting pressure, compared to what can be experienced in the Arnhem lands. These are wild free-ranging water buffalo we offer 100% success rates on shot opportunities at trophy buffalo. Our Archery average over the past 10 years is 95 SCI, with buffalo over 100 SCI harvested annually. The biggest Australian Water buffalo to be harvested off the property scored an impressive 128 SCI. Our all-inclusive 2X1 Water Buffalo hunts are priced at $8,500 USD which entails 6 full days of hunting, and includes the charter flight from Darwin Australia to MacArthur River where airport pickup is provided. Also included is the hunting of hogs and wild dogs (dingo’s) as well as barramundi fishing in the river systems and billabongs found on the property. Barramundi is one of the world’s best fighting fish and makes great table fare in camp! Hogs are typically in higher concentration later in the season, where barramundi fishing is typically better in the early part of the season. Scrub bulls may also be encountered on the hunt and harvested on a trophy fee basis of $1000


Our Australian Buffalo hunts are conducted using spot and stalk tactics. Typically leaving camp at first light, hunters usually take a short drive and begin walking creek beds and checking billabongs for wallowing buffalo, all the while glassing vast floodplains and sneaking through bedding areas with the wind in our favor. On a typical day hunters can expect to look over 100+ buffalo. For those hunters who are not able to walk great distances that is not a problem as most of the property is accessible by vehicle and we can glass buffalo and plan our route from the vehicle before starting our stalk. Midday hunters usually head back to camp for lunch and avoid the heat dodging the strong midday sun. This is the time enjoy a cool down with a swim in a natural spring, flick a few lures hoping to hook into a Barra, or perhaps grab a nap. Before long the evening hunt is on the way.  Water Buffalo hunts are typically conducted during the dry season ranging from June 1st through October 31st, however being a feral animal of Australia there are no set seasons, bag limits, or licensing requirements. Year-round the outfitter experiences cows in heat, leading to encounters with aggressive behavior as bulls fighting for dominance. This makes for great action and the opportunity to close the gap on the distracted bulls.

Archery or Rifle you ask? We strongly recommend any avid archers to bring their bows on this hunt. Our outfitter will guide you personally and has 15 years of bowhunting experience and can confidently get hunters into bow range. In addition, Water buffalo are an inquisitive animal, often offering great shot opportunities at close range. However, some modifications to a typical North American archery setup will be necessary to be able to ethically harvest these giant animals, which rank as the largest hooved animals in the world, weighing in at a metric ton or more! Heavier draw weights/arrow/broadhead combos are necessary.  Firearm hunts are conducted, but typically only on later season hunts, starting in August. You are welcome to bring your own rifle or rent one (.416) at the lodge for a hassle-free experience.


Additional Trophy Buffalo may be taking for a $1750 trophy fee, and Scrub Bulls for $1000. Dingo’s, Hogs, and Barramundi fishing is included for no additional price! As well, from mid-Aug to Sept we are pleased to offer “Cull” packages as an addition to any Trophy water buffalo hunt. Cull package includes 5 animals of the guides’ choice (poor genetics, broomed/broken horn bulls, sick/old/injured animals) for a price of $2500.  Species are mainly Water Buffalo, but scrub bulls, as well as brumbies, may also be harvested). Should you only wish to book a 6-day Cull only 6 animal package, the price is $9500 and reserved for late season. You can always add a Trophy Water Buffalo or Scrub bull, or another 5 animal cull package as per trophy fee pricing. Helicopter shooting or scenic flights are also available, and Helo-hunt pricing can be made available on request. Only 3 Cull packages are offered annually, so inquire early for this great but very limited high volume opportunity!


If you’re a keen angler, after your 6 days of buffalo hunting we can arrange to rent and relax on a houseboat for a minimum of 3 nights and enjoy fishing on the MacArthur river for a wide variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Prices upon request.


Enjoy the real Aussie experience of a rustic yet comfortable outback bush tent camp. Permanent structures are not recommended in this remote area due to extreme flooding during the wet season along with the heat and fires of the dry season. Any constructed lodge would be at great risk during the offseason. Another reason for the tent camp is that to maintain the highest success rates and trophy quality possible, he likes to remain mobile, moving camp each week in accordance with buffalo movements throughout the property, save travel time each day while out hunting.  A hot fire-heated outdoor shower and drop style dunny (toilet) is provided. Our carefully selected camp areas are typically well-shaded areas and next to a lovely water source. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the remote Northern Territory in a traditional yet comfortable fashion. Hunting rights are exclusive and expect no other people of hunting pressure for the duration of your hunt and time at camp. All home-cooked meals during your hunt, as well as snacks are also provided. The use of traditional Aussie bush cooking methods will be used for some of our roast dinners which all hunters are sure to love!


The destination city for this hunt is Darwin, Australia. Typically hunters spend at least 1 night in a hotel in Darwin to rest and adjust to jet lag before catching the charter flight provided at no additional cost by Air North to MacArthur River. Here you will be greeted by the outfitter and driven about 250km to camp. Once your hunt concludes, all hunters are then driven back to MacArthur River airport by the outfitter and charted back to Darwin.


Boiling and cleaning of your buffalo skull will be done in camp upon harvest. However there is a dipping and packing fee of $150. This service is done at the outfitters’ facility in Townsville. Shipping is later conducted by a company used by the outfitter out in Brisbane, able to send your trophy anywhere in the world. The outfitter will fulfill all administrative requirements for export, so its hassle-free for the hunters. If your plan is a shoulder mount the outfitter will need to know in advance. This ensures enough salt is purchased and brought to camp prior to the hunt as well as planning to have enough space to transport the giant heavy cape back to Brisbane. Shoulder mounts can be done in Brisbane for $2600 AUD mounted and crated. Shipping of all trophies is at the hunter’s expense.


~ Round trip charter flights from Darwin to MacArthur River (Approx $1500 value)
~ Round trip airport shuttle service from MacArthur River to Lodge
~ All guiding and transportation while hunting
~ Accommodations and three meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks daily
~ Opportunity and trophy fees for x1 Trophy Water Buffalo
~ Trophy European skull mount preparation
~ Hog and Dingo hunting and Barramundi Fishing is included at no additional cost


~ Travel to Darwin Australia and pre and post-hunt accommodations.
~ Alcohol
~ Gratuities to guide/camp helper
~ Trophy Water Buffalo Caping fee $500
~ Dipping/packing of trophies $150
~ Shipping of trophies

Species Duration Price
Water Buffalo – Bow Hunt 6-Days $8,500
Water Buffalo – Rifle Hunt 6-Days $9,000
Cull (6 Animal Guides Choice) Rifle or Bow 6-Days $9,500
Buffalo/Banteng Combo Hunt Coming Soon $20,000
Buffalo/Chital Deer Combo Hunt Coming Soon $12,000
Archery Buffalo/Cape York Hog Combo Hunt Coming Soon $12,500
Additional Trophy Water Buffalo Add-on $1,750
Trophy Scrub Bull Add-on $1,000
Cull Package (5 Animals Guides Choice) Add-on $2,500
Extra Hunting Days Add-on $250/Day
Non-Hunting Observer Add-on $250/Day
Rifle Rental Hunt Duration $250
Rifle Ammunition Per Cartridge Used $10
Helicopter Hunting Add-on POR
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