An exciting off-season opportunity, growing in popularity is high success winter wolf hunting in Canada! Recent population estimates suggest that Grey Wolfnumbers across much of northern Canada are very healthy. Some regions have even reinstated the bounties on wolves and management tools such as hunting have become more encouraged. Northern British Columbia is one such area, boasting high numbers of wolves within turn provides exciting, high success rate hunting opportunities.

This hunt occurs on the shores of BC’s longest inland lake (over 100 km) which upon bring frozen acts like a wolf superhighway. Hunt wolves from heated blinds over active bait sites at strategic locations along the frozen lake.  Calling and tracking by either snowmobile or pick-up truck are other active strategies, and especially effective hunting techniques this time of year. Bring a larger caliber rifle and plan for long-distance shots in your effort to boost your odds. Success rates have been very high in the past few years, and several hunters score on multiple wolves each season. The cost is only $52.50 per tag and there is no limit. It is recommended to pre-purchase 2 tags when booking, and more can be made available in camp. Hunters are to get themselves to Prince George where you will be greeted by the outfitter who will then fly you personally direct to the lodge. Enjoy 6 full days of all-inclusive wolf hunting, with the opportunity to stay longer if desired and bonus opportunities at Wolverine or Lynx!


An interactive hunt ideally suited for groups of 2-4 hunters. Hunting mid-winter over active bait piles accounts for the majority of the harvested wolves, but tracking can calling can also be employed. Despite boasting high success rates, Wolves are very elusive, cautious, and secretive creatures. This is hunting, and nothing is guaranteed. Hunters should know however that they would only be sitting over an active bait pile, and not just with “fingers crossed”. A good exercise of patience can leads to great rewards afield.  There is a well-maintained bait in view of the camp which has produced good success over the years, and so consider yourself actively hunting any time while in camp!  On days when you might be tracking or calling Wolves, expect to cover lots of country by snowmobile or pick-up with your guide in an active strategy to pursue wolf packs. There is one road servicing this region, which is a long remote drive from Prince George. The Wolves here heavily rely on both the lake and the plowed road to traverse this rugged landscape, and in turn the outfitter strategically monitors and hunts these areas in addition to bait sites. Expect typical shots to range between 200-300+ yards, and it is recommended to leave the varmint/predator caliber rifles at home. This is also one of the few hunts where a semi-automatic rifle comes in handy for quick follow-up shot opportunities, helping you score on multiple wolves.

This hunt sees a maximum of 3-4 groups encompassing only 12 clients annually. The maximum group size is 4 hunters, and each group is staggered 1-2 weeks apart. Peak season would likely span from early January to early March. That being said, Wolverine is open until Jan 15th and Lynx till Feb 15th. Both of these species can be taken as bonus opportunities for the mere price of the license. An additional bonus is that due to staggered group bookings, hunters are welcome to stay on an additional few days at no cost if they wish to keep hunting!

Our outfitter is an industry veteran who outfits for a number of different species (Stone Sheep, Moose, and Grizzly Bear) but could be considered somewhat of a Wolf specialist. This outfit produces near 100% success rates on wolf hunts due to excellent local knowledge, high wolf numbers, and a remote, quality, operating area. This hunt would be best described as having honest 75% success rates and usually at least one hunter per group scores on multiple wolves. Some recent seasons have produced 100% success rates, and currently wolf numbers are as high as they have ever been.


This hunt will take place in the winter months in the north-central BC interior, north of the hamlet of Mackenzie BC located on the southern shores of Williston Lake. Situated at low elevations (2300 feet) a slight microclimate in the region avoids some of the blisteringly cold weather seen across the Prairie Provinces. Mean winter temperatures between Dec and March typically range between 10-20+ degrees F°. What the regions lack in bitter cold it makes up for in snowfall, and expect several feet of snow on the ground blanketing the landscape. The scenery is that of the sub-alpine Rocky Mountains, and is beautiful and it is rugged.


Enjoy staying in a comfortable lodge-style log home on the shores of BC’s largest inland lake nestled in a sub-alpine mountain valley. Every comfort of home including WIFI is available while staying at this post & beam log home in addition to hot and cold running water, electricity, and heating. Hunter will either have sleeping quarters to themselves or shared with other hunters in their group. Enjoy a comfortable common area to unwind and monitor the camp bait from, as well as a full kitchen where you will enjoy a hearty home-cooked meal.   There is one road servicing this region, which is a long remote drive however, and so the outfitter has offered to personally fly any hunters to camp using his own plane direct to the lodge from Prince George BC.


Hunters are to get themselves to Prince George where you will be greeted by the outfitter who will then fly you personally direct to the lodge. A small fee of $300 will apply to cover fuel expenses. Prince George BC is serviced by several smaller commuter airlines, typically from hubs such as Vancouver, Kelowna, Calgary, or Edmonton. Depending on what time flights arrive or depart Prince George BC, you may require overnight accommodations before or after your hunt.

Luggage – It is encouraged to pack no more than 50 lbs of clothing and equipment in a soft duffle bag to facilitate transport on bush planes. Large rigid suitcases are cumbersome and may not fit well in smaller aircraft.

Exportation – Your wolf pelts cannot travel home with you and will fall subject to CITES permitting.  The taxidermist will apply for an Addendum Letter from the British Columbia Provincial government which will permit US Fish and Game to accept the hides into the United States. There is an administrative fee for approximately $50 dollars and the process takes roughly 60 days. At this point the BC taxidermist can do the work himself, or will tan the pelts (to keep them from spoiling in transit) and ship them to you or your preferred taxidermist.


~ 6 days 2×1 hunting – Grey Wolf (no limit)
~ Mid December through Mid March  2016/2017 – $4100


~ All accommodations and home-cooked meals during your hunt
~ Professional guiding and all transportation during your hunt
~ Actively baited hunting locations & heated blinds
~ Hunting opportunities for Grey Wolves, and perhaps Wolverine & Lynx (if seasons overlap)
~ Field dressing, skinning and trophy preparations for the taxidermist


~ Charter flight from Prince George BC direct to the lodge by the outfitter ($300/hunter)
~ Government Taxes (5%)
~ BC Hunting Licensing ($189) and Wolf Tags ($52.50 each) – no limit
~ Shipping and handling of trophy to taxidermist
~ Tips and gratuities to guides & lodge staff
~ Pre and post trip accommodations and travel from Prince George BC

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