The outfitters’ biggest Gator stretches the tape at 13.8 feet (which is the second biggest in the state of Florida and taken in 2014). The outfitters’ calculated average is 10.5 feet yet a number over 11 feet and a handful of 12 feet are taken annually. This is a free-range hunt for wild alligators, so there is no guarantee over 10 feet, but we are proud to say that we have experienced 100% success rates with Alligators up to 10 feet.  Our outfitter works very hard to get every hunter the biggest that can be found for the area. As an example, a 12-foot Alligator takes approximately 70 years to grow, and while becoming increasingly harder to find, 11 footers are still common enough. A calculated 10% of a typical year’s harvest reaches 12 feet or longer. A seasoned overall veteran Alligator hunter, our outfitter pursues them year-round. Our all-inclusive Trophy Alligator Hunts are priced at $4350, which entails 3 full days of hunting and can be either 3 or 4 nights’ accommodations. Consider adding a day or two to your Florida with packages upgrades such as Hog hunts by swamp buggy, or Florida Bass fishing by airboat!  Estate hunts for huge Axis deer and Blackbuck are also available. Should you time your Alligator hunts with other open Florida season, consider combining with select Everglades waterfowl hunts for exotic species or take part in our limited but 100% successful spring Osceola Turkey hunts!  Airport pick up from Melbourne Florida is included in this package, and hunters are asked to arrive the night before and prepare to commence their hunt the following morning.


The vast majority of our hunts are conducted spot & stalk, versus night time archery or harpoon.  Public land hunts come with an array of specific seasons and regulations, and so we strongly prefer and encourage our clients to consider private land hunts. Aside from next to no hunting pressure, private land hunts can be conducted day or night, and nearly year-round. All Florida state Alligator licensing and government fees are included in this custom package and so there are no additional fees to the package price.

Commence your quest for a huge south Florida Alligator on this custom-tailored trophy hunt. Start each day by venturing out to glass gators from the outfitter’s swamp buggy, inspecting sloughs, lakeshores, rivers, and creeks. Many of the private citrus orchards we hunt also have extensive canals or wetland systems that the gators love to use and access. Populations are very healthy and exclusive rights have been secured on multiple large new properties (every 10,000+ acres), in addition to the established private hunting areas our outfitters already had existing access to over the years. This is a classic spot and stalks big game hunt, and the best scenario is a large basking Alligator, distracted and away from the water. Shots tend to be close range but need to be precise to ensure a successful harvest, with 50-75 yards being a typical shooting distance. Closer is possible however when using archery tackle. Bow and Crossbow hunters are welcome, with broadheads helping minimize bullet damage if your hope is for a quality skull mount. Rifle hunters should consider bigger bores and close range neck shots if hoping for a skull mount.

Alligators can be pursued any month on private land in our outfitter’s hunting area, but peak season would be regarded as March to October. The rut occurs in May and would be considered the most prime time of year to search for a giant gator. As with all wildlife, they are most active, conspicuous, and distracted while breeding. In November, the outfitter is in the Midwest guiding Whitetail deer, so that month is unavailable anyway, but it’s not loss in terms of Alligator hunting. Colder weather during the late fall and winter months can cause Alligators to go somewhat lethargic or even. This, of course, makes it more challenging to locate true trophy class gators.

Combination Hunts & Side Ventures


Likely the most popular and available side venture or bonus opportunity would be the fast action feral hog hunting conducted by elevated Swamp Buggy. Extremely high numbers of hogs are established in this region of Florida with no limits or season in place as an effort to control numbers. For $250, this is an excellent addition to any trophy gator hunt with essentially 100% opportunity & success rates. Or consider a 3 day/4 night all-inclusive dedicated hog hunt for $1,450 as an individual, or as low as $1,250 for groups of four or more.


A perfect combination to trophy Alligator hunts further complimenting any Florida hunting experience. To ensure sustainable turkey populations and maintain our 100% success rates, the outfitter only chooses to sell half his Osceola allocations, resulting in a limited hunt excellent hunt.  The season spans from March 15th to April 24th overlapping nicely with peak trophy Alligator seasons. Either booked as a 3-Day turkey the only hunt or in combination with Alligator (or hogs/fishing), our exclusive Osceola turkey hunts are priced at $2000 all-inclusive.


A great side venture complementing gator, hog or turkey hunts is a day spent on the water targeting that lunker Florida Largemouth. Fish from an airboat for something new, and typical days producing around 20-40 bass with average fish ranging from 3 to 6 lbs. Bring your favorite bass tackle but what you need will already be waiting for at the lodge. This great opportunity only $250/day each.


Target elusive and much sought after species such as Fulvous & Black-Bellied Whistling Ducks, Mottled Ducks, Teal, Wood ducks and Ringneck’s help make up a unique and mixed bag. This is a great opportunity for any waterfowl hunters working towards a species list or looking for a duck hunt on the more unique side of things.  Seasons are December and January and are easy to combine with feral hog or our estate trophy hunts. Enjoy this unique opportunity for only $250/day per hunter.

Estate Hunts – Also owned by the outfitter are 1000+ acre fenced estates with various species of trophy exotics available while already hunting in South Texas. Most notable would be the giant Axis deer and Black Buck antelope, but species such as Red Stag are also available. Prices can vary but opportunities are generally available year-round. Inquire for specific details and current pricing.


Enjoy a fully furnished ranch style lodge that comfortably sleeps 8. Complete with a pool table, fire pit, and a large overflow lounge area the lodge is located in scenic south Florida countryside nestled among the various hunting areas. Enjoy the privacy and quiet rural setting, all the while still within reach of the largest urban centers such as Orlando. Most clients drive to location but round trip airport pick up and drop off between the lodge and Melbourne is included n all packages.

Getting There

Many hunters chose to drive directly to the lodge planning such hunts while in or passing through Florida already – and directions can be provided.  Hunters electing to fly are asked to arrive to the Melbourne airport (usually via Atlanta) where to pick up & drop off services are included at no cost. Another option is flying to Orlando for a fee of $100 each way to and from the lodge.

Getting Your Trophy Home

This all-inclusive trophy Alligator package comes with detailed gator cleaning and packaging. Typically this service costs about $50/ft with an average of $500+ per Alligator. The head, hide and meat are all separated, deboned, vacuum-sealed, packaged, and frozen upon request at no additional charge. Skull taxidermy can be locally done for approximately $150 and shipped to clients anywhere.


$4350.00: 3-Day/4-Night All-inclusive 1×1 guided wild trophy Alligator hunt (10+ft) Year Round

$2,000.00: 3-Day/4-Night All-inclusive 1×1 guided Osceola Turkey hunt (15 March to April 24th)

$1450.00: 3-Day/4-Night All-inclusive 2×1 guided Feral Hog hunt (Year Round)

3-Day/4-Night All-inclusive Exotic Estate Trophy Hunt (Open Year Round) ask for details

Combination Hunts & upgrades  

~ Feral hog hunting by Swamp Buggy Year-Round-$250
~ Osceola Turkey Hunt combo – mid-March to the beginning of May – $2000
~ Florida Alligator (as add on to 3-Day Turkey or Hog package) -$3000
~ Florida Bass fishing by airboat $250/day
~ Fall Everglades Duck hunting – December to January $250/day
~ Exotic Estate Trophy Hunts – ask for details
~ Additional hunting day -$250/day
~ Non-hunting observer welcome – $250/day


~ Round trip airport shuttle service from either Melbourne FL
~ All guiding and transportation while hunting
~ Private Lodge style accommodations
~ Three hearty meals daily
~ All tags, License, Government Fees
~ Complete Alligator processing & cleaning services ($300-500 value included)!

Not included:

~ Travel to either Melbourne or Orlando & pre or post-hunt hotel accommodations
~ Airport pick-up and drop-off from Orlando ($100 each way)
~ Hog hunting ($250) & Bass Fishing ($300) daily
~ Gratuities to your guide
~ Taxidermy

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