With no draw process for obtaining a tag, Texas is a great place to go hunt Mule deer. This outfitter operates in the panhandle region, averaging on deer in the 150-170 range, but 180+ are observed and/or taken each year.  Hunting terrain can vary from rolling mesquite flats to deep cedar filled canyons, or overlooking winter wheat fields adjacent to fertile river basins.  Search for elusive Mulie bucks from safari-style rangers, with the best action occurring during the rut, timed loosely with thanksgiving. Archery hunts occur from early Oct through to mid-November, and gun hunts until the first week of January.  Free, unlimited hogs & predators are included at no cost, & aside from airport pick-up arrangements in Amarillo, it is the all-inclusive hunt. Combo’s for either Whitetail and/or Aoudad are also possible.

Enjoy the opportunity of a lifetime by experiencing a free-range, Texas mule deer hunt. Popularity continues to grow due to no lottery or drawing process required to secure a tag. The tags are already allocated to the outfitter, waiting for you at the lodge.  This Outfitter is located in the Texas panhandle where the varied landscape of the area that includes steep creek drainages, cedar filled canyons and rolling mesquite flats allowing the weary mule deer excellent cover, food and a means to elude hunters. Mule deer is this outfitters specialty!

Most hunts are conducted safari-style using a jeep or ranger to cover ground and glass for trophy bucks from strategic vantage points.  Until the rut occurs in late November, the older, larger mule deer can at times be difficult to locate. Once the rut kicks in however this is not the case, and early mornings usually provide hunters the best sightings and encounters.  Typical mule deer from this area often range in score between 150 and 170 B&C inches. Any hunter may be fortunate enough however to harvest a larger buck, as deer in the 180+ inch range are encountered annually. Since the Outfitter is located near the Oklahoma state border there are still many cotton and wheat fields in which the mule deer are often found grazing, particularly during late season hunts. Many of the season’s largest bucks are located and taken this way.

Archery season opens in early October lasting until the middle of November, at which point the rifle season begins, only closing at the end of the season in early January. Some of the best hunting opportunities occur in late November and early December, which is the recommended time to come and book your Texas mule deer hunt. This is also an excellent part of the season to consider a whitetail combo, as they are rutting as well. Aoudad combos are also possible, most conducive during any late December, early January deer hunts. Free, unlimited Hogs, Predators or varmints are included at no cost, with targets of opportunity during your mule deer hunt, or special day/night ventures if tagged out early.

These hunts are limited to ensure the best trophy quality now and into the future. Openings, especially during the rut fill quickly, so call us and book and reserve your Texas mule deer hunt today!


  • 4 nights/3 days hunting  – 1 Trophy Free Range Texas Mule Deer – early Oct – early Jan 2014 – USD$4,500
  • Also includes unlimited Hogs, Predators & Varmints during your Mule deer hunt


  • 2×1  guiding and trophy fees for one (x1)free-range,  trophy Mule deer
  • 4 nights/3 days hunting
  • All meals, accommodations, and transportation during your hunt
  • Unlimited hunting of Texas hogs, predators and varmints
  • Trophy and meat preparation (There is a $100 charge if you want the outfitter to cape your trophy and ship it to your taxidermist after your trip  – otherwise use the outfitter’s taxidermist and all prep & shipping costs are included free).


  • Boots that offer solid ankle support for hiking in rugged terrain.
  • Layard clothing system to stay comfortable in both cooler and warmer kinds of weather.
  • Calibers from .270 and up with a minimum 3×9 power scope is recommended, shooting tough 130+ grain bonded bullets.
  • 10x binoculars.


  • Wine & Spirits (can be pre-purchased for you prior to your arrival)
  • Gratuities
  • Amarillo airport pick-up/drop-off ($150 per vehicle round trip)


  • A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking to reserve your spot. The remaining 50% is payable 60-75 days before your hunt.
  • Global Sporting Safaris accepts both business/personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX and BitCoin.
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