Tur hunting in Azerbaijan remains not only one of the best mountain hunts we offer but also one of the best values in mountain hunting available today. Our private hunting concessions are full of game, the trophy quality is excellent and the experience is great. Our partner is Azerbaijan’s most trusted and professional outfitter with over 15 years of experience guiding hunters to trophies in the Caucus Mountains with a long term success rate of over 95%. Located on the western shores of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan and its capital city of Baku offers a combination of new and old, great restaurants, sightseeing, and unforgettable hunting opportunities for trophy Dagestan Tur and the opportunity to combine with additional species.


We recommend all clients fly on Turkish airlines to Baku, Azerbaijan (GYD) connecting via Istanbul. Turkish Airlines offers the most flights in and out of Baku and offers the most dependable service in the region. Round trip airfare from various airports in the USA will average between $800 and $1,500 per person.  A letter of Invitation is required prior to travel at a cost of $150 per person to be paid in advance along with a deposit. Clients will be emailed a copy of their entry VISA and firearm import permit prior to departure. A representative will meet clients upon arrival and will help with customs clearance. After customs clearance clients will be taken from Baku to base camp. Expect approximately four hours by minibus and another two to three hours by heavy transport truck to reach base camp.


Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan is a journey into the Caucus Mountains and a test of physical and mental fitness. The Eastern Caucasian Tur, also referred to as the Dagestan Tur, is very plentiful and the trophy quality is excellent. GSS clients have been 100% successful on this hunt with no client needing more than three days to harvest their tur trophy. The historical success rate is 95% with an average horn length of 29” to 35” and occasional trophies up to and exceeding 40”.  The second tur may be harvested for a trophy fee of $3,350 to $3,950 depending on hunt. Additional species including Caucasian chamois, European brown bear, wild boar, and roe deer may be hunted for an additional trophy fee payable directly to the outfitter after harvest.


Flat-shooting rifle calibers from .270 WSM to .300 magnums are recommended. Shot distances average 200 to 350 yards however longer distances may be required as will shooting up and down steep angles. Rangefinders that calculate angle compensation are highly recommended. Rifle import permits are included in the hunt cost and will be provided by the outfitter.


Unlike most outfitters or agents in Azerbaijan, our partner can offer tur hunts year-round with summer hunts from May through September and winter/spring hunts from October through April. The months of June, July, and August are the most popular choice and offer clients the most favorable weather. The peak winter month of December allows clients to hunt the tur rut. March and April hunts offer the highest chances at combination hunts for those interested in additional species such as the Caucasian chamois or roe deer.


Hunters traveling to Azerbaijan should expect altitudes of 7,500 to 10,000 feet during the summer months with steep and rugged terrain. Although success rates are very high and horses can generally access the top of the mountains and most spike camp locations we do recommend that hunters arrive in the best physical condition possible to maximize their opportunity and experience when hunting here. The outfitter will provide sturdy wooden walking sticks that make traversing the rocky landscape much safer and easier. Winter hunts are conducted at much lower altitudes but can be very physical as well as snowshoes are often necessary when horses cannot be used.


Summer hunts remain the most popular choice and are offered from May through the end of September with the best weather from late June through August. Summer hunts also offer the best value for groups of four or more who can travel together or be paired together by GSS when booking. Temperatures often exceed 80°F during the daytime and can fluctuate into the ’40s or cooler at night. Rain is always possible and quality rain gear should be taken on every hunt.

We offer a choice of two private hunting concessions exclusive to only our outfitter. Each concession is very similar in terrain, numbers of tur, and success rates. The first area offers the best value in tur hunting with an average trophy of 8-9 years of age with the possibility of larger. No additional trophy fee applies in this area allowing clients to harvest the best available tur for one fixed price.

Our new premium concession arguably offers the best possible chances in Azerbaijan for clients who wish to harvest the largest possible trophies. Tur took from this area average 10+ years of age with 13+-year-old trophies taken each season. Average tur trophies will measure between 32” to more than 40” in horn length on this hunt (81 to 100+cm). One tur trophy up to 89cm in horn length is included in the hunt cost with additional trophy fees of either $700 or $1,400 applicable for animals of truly extraordinary size.


1-hunter: $10,850
2-or more hunters: $7,995 each
(Pricing include trophy fee for the first tur of any size).


1-hunter: $10,950
2-hunters: $9,400 each
3-hunters: $9,100 each
4-hunters: $8,800 each
5 -hunters: $8,450 each

*The above prices for the Kel Dag area include one tur trophy up to 89cm (length of the longer horn). A trophy fee of $700 applies for trophies measuring 90-99cm and $1,400 for trophies measuring 1 meter or larger. National Park entry fee included in the hunt price.


Second Tur: $3,350 to $3,950
Caucasian Chamois: $3,500
Brown Bear: $6,100
Wild Boar: $1,300
Roe Deer: $2,100

Non Hunting Companion: $3,300
Additional Hunting Day: $300 per person per additional day


We are pleased to now offering winter tur hunts for single hunters or groups of two. The December rut, as well as March and April, are the preferred months however clients can expect a successful hunt during any open period from October through the first of May. Tur generally moves to lower altitudes by November and stay at low altitudes through April. Spiking out is not typical during winter hunts as comfortable and heated cabins are used each night. Hunting in the winter is on foot, often very physically using snowshoes and physical fitness should be considered before booking. Trophy quality during the winter months is excellent and often produces some of the largest trophies. March, April, and early May are the best months for clients who wish to hunt additional species.


1-hunter: $8,500 plus $1,700 trophy fee (any size)
2-hunters: $5,995 each plus $1,700 trophy fee (any size)

Additional hunting days are $300 per extra day per person for extended multi-specie hunts longer than the standard schedule.


Base camps are very comfortable with electricity, heated shower, sauna/bath, and semi-private rooms with beds and bedding. A camp chef will accompany each group and excellent meals while in base camp. Clients during the summer months will ride by horseback from base camp to their respective hunting areas. Spiking out in tents during the months of May through September should be expected. Food in spike camp consists of candies, cheeses, meats, bread, etc, and clients are welcome to bring their own additional snacks/food if they wish. Water purifiers are recommended as a precaution. Tents are provided however clients should bring their own lightweight pack-able sleeping bag and pad.


A typical tur hunt will include an eight (8) day travel schedule with five (5) full hunting days. Depending on flight schedules most clients will arrive into Baku in the early to mid-morning and transfer to base camp the same day. The following day horseback rides to spike camp take two to eight hours depending on camp location. After harvest clients will have the option of hunting additional trophies or they can return to base camp to rest and relax before transferring back to Baku collectively as a group. Clients should expect at least one night of hotel expenses in Baku at the conclusion of the hunt prior to departure the following morning. Dagestan Tur hunts are guided with a minimum of two guides per hunter and often include an additional one to two assistant guides.


After harvest all trophy capes will be fleshed, salted and dried and skulls and horns will be boiled and cleaned. Clients will be presented with all necessary documents including Veterinary Certificate and applicable hunting permits before the conclusion of the trip as clients are encouraged to take trophies home as checked luggage. Clients may experience extra luggage or overweight baggage fees when doing so. Currently no CITES permits are required for the export or import of tur from Azerbaijan.


Meeting and assistance with customs clearance upon arrival in Baku at Heydar Aliyev International
Airport (GYD)
All Import and export weapon permits
All ground transfers for duration of trip
Guiding services with a minimum of two guides per hunter
All meals from during the hunt including alcoholic beverages in moderation
English speaking interpreter
All licenses, veterinary certificate, and hunting permits
Use of horses on most hunts
Field preparation of trophies to be taken home as checked luggage


International flights to/from Baku, we recommend Turkish Airlines via Istanbul
Letter of Invitation for foreign VISA ($150 per person including visa service)
Hotel in Baku before and after hunt
Excess airline baggage fees
Gratuities to guides/staff
Trophy fees for additional animals not included in hunt package
Second weapon import permit if client wishes to import more than one weapon such as a rifle and a bow

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