Nestled in the headwaters of the Omineca Mountains of north-central British Columbia, this very experienced family-run operation purchased exclusive guiding rights in regions that offer some of the densest populations of mountain goats and trophy Canadian moose in North America. 2012 represented their inaugural year as owners/outfitters and proved to be a very successful first year. Much of this exclusive guide area has not been hunted in more than five years and the trophy quality is great. Hunters here will experience a true wilderness adventure for some of the best British Columbia mountain goat hunting, moose hunting, and bear hunting to be found.


Unless otherwise specified, all hunts are conducted on a 1×1 basis with nine full days of hunting. British Columbia moose hunting peaks during the last ten days of September and the first ten days of October—the height of the rut. A combination of calling and spotting techniques is used and bulls with antler spreads of 50” or greater are targeted. Due to the northern location of the hunting area the moose are some of the largest to be found for the Canadian subspecies.

Mountain goat hunts offer those who arrive in the good physical condition and excellent opportunity to take home a beautiful trophy. Although horses may be used, the use of spike camps and a considerable amount of hiking should be expected when undertaking a goat hunt. Late August and early September offer the most favorable weather conditions; however, goats taken in late September and early October will generally have the longest hair. Mountain goats in this outfitter’s guide areas will average 9.5” in horn length with trophies up to 11” harvested in past years! In 2012 100% of goat hunters harvested trophy animals.

Spring drive-in black bear hunts are conducted inside an 1100–square mile concession and guided on a 2×1 ratio. These 4wd-accessed hunts utilize heated tent camps and host a maximum of only four hunters at any one time. Here, hunters have an excellent chance to see 40 to 60 bears during their trip and to harvest a trophy bear 300–500 pounds and six to seven feet in size!

Baiting is NOT a legal tactic in British Columbia bear hunting, so all bear hunts are conducted by spot-and-stalk. This is arguably the most exciting way to hunt trophy bears! Many of the ones harvested here are color-phase animals and/or boast record-book skulls. The option of taking a second bear is available for a trophy fee of $995. Fishing and wolf hunting may be added to spring bear hunts.


Hunters have their choice of three camps on most hunts. Drive-in, fly-in backpack, and fly-in horseback options allow clients to select the camps that best suit their physical abilities and experience. Fly-in horseback hunts are the most popular option for most hunters, including those who may not be in optimal physical condition. Fly-in backpack hunts are the most physically demanding hunts offered; however, the exceptional trophy quality often reflects the work invested by those who choose this option. Drive-in hunts do not require a charter flight and may be necessary when the weather is not suitable for safe flying.

Camps will consist of comfortable cabin accommodations or heated tents. Fly-in hunts almost exclusively use woodstove-heated teepee-style tents. Spike camps are often used to reach remote areas with high concentrations of animals for hunters in good physical condition. No more than two hunters are booked at any one time in each camp.


Fall hunts will require clients to fly commercially or drive to Smithers, BC. Ideally, hunters should arrive in Smithers the day prior to the start of their hunt. On the first day of their scheduled hunt clients will take a charter flight from Smithers to their chosen hunting camp. Once in camp hunters will depart either by foot or horseback and experience nine full hunting days before returning by charter flight on the last day of their hunt’s schedule. If it’s necessary and time allows, hunters will have the option of hunting on both the evening of the first day after they arrive and the last morning before they depart. Charter flights require an additional fee of $1,500 + tax RT/PP that includes the cost of flying out all meat/trophies taken on the hunt.


All meals and accommodations during the hunt, 1×1 guide service unless otherwise specified, trophy fee for the packaged animal(s), basic trophy preparation of horns/antlers/hides and pickup and drop-off services in Smithers, British Columbia are all included in hunt packages.


Charter flights on fly-in hunts, non-resident Hunter Preservation Fund, processing/shipping/taxidermy of meat/trophies, meals and accommodations before and after the hunt, non-resident hunting license and species permits, applicable taxes, trophy fees for additional animals taken, alcoholic beverages, gratuities to staff and guide, and travel insurance are not included in hunt package prices.

Spring British Columbia bear hunting expeditions require clients to fly or drive to Prince George, BC. From there hunters will be picked up by the outfitter and transported four to five hours by vehicle to the remote hunting area and camp. No charter flight is required for these spring drive-in bear hunts.


British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting: 11-day schedule with nine full hunting days; $7,500 1×1 or $6,500 2×1

Additional trophies:Mountain Caribou ($1,995), Black Bear ($995), Canadian Moose ($5,750), Grizzly Bear ($7,000)

British Columbia Moose Hunting (Canadian Moose): 11-day schedule with nine full hunting days; $8,725 1×1 or $7,725 2×1

Additional trophies: Mountain Goat ($4,500), Mountain Caribou ($1,995), Black Bear ($995), Grizzly Bear ($7,000)

Canadian Moose/Mountain Goat Combination: 20-day schedule with 18 hunting days (approximate); $13,990 1×1 or $11,990 2×1

Additional trophies: Mountain Caribou ($1,995), Black Bear ($995), Grizzly Bear ($6,995)

Spring British Columbia Bear Hunting (Black Bear): 7-day schedule with 5 hunting days; $2,995 2×1

Additional trophies: Second Trophy Black Bear ($995), Wolf

Fall Hunt Schedule 2014 (Best Time of Year for British Columbia Moose Hunting / British Columbia Mountain Goat Hunting)

Aug 22nd – Sept 1st   Sept 1st – Sept 11th   Sept 11th – Sept 21st   Sept 21st – Oct 1st   Oct 1st – Oct 11th

Spring Hunt Schedule 2014 (Best Time of Year for British Columbia Bear Hunting)
May 18th – May 24th   May 25th – May 31st   June 1st – June 7th   June 8th – June 14th

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