Argentina Water Buffalo Hunting 5-Day Hunt starting at $4950 per hunter 1x1


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Water Buffalo Hunting in ArgentinaExperience the thrill of a buffalo hunt without going to Africa and for just 1/3 the cost.

These free range Argentine water buffalo are every bit a tough and cantankerous as the African Buffalo and can outweigh them by as much as 700 pounds. All buffalo hunting is spot and stalk or from blinds over water holes. Tracking the buffalo through the thick, brushy landscape is very exciting. A reasonable fitness level is required for spot and stalk and 2-3 mile treks are not uncommon. Hunters who can’t make the stalks can easily hunt from blinds over water holes or safari style drives. The buffalo usually water once or twice a day depending on the weather

Argentina Water Buffalo HuntingThe buffalo hunts usually start after a nice made breakfast served at 7am and hunting starts at 8am. Scouts are sent out at first light to look for the buffalo herds on 89,000 acres of prime Argentine countryside. Clients will usually hunt until noon and then return to the Estancia for lunch and a short siesta while the buffalo bed down during the afternoon. The afternoon hunts usually start around 2:30pm and go until dusk. Both bulls and cows have horns. The bull’s horns have a heavy mass and the cow’s horns are narrower but can be just as long as or longer than the bull. An Argentine Water Buffalo can weigh up to 2,500 lbs. which is up to 700 lbs. heavier than the largest African Cape Buffalo at 1,800 lbs. Come to Argentina and enjoy the thrill of a wild buffalo hunt at 1/3 the cost of Africa

Hunt Duration

Five full days hunting.

Hunting Methods

Spot and Stalk and Blinds over water holes.


One Argentina water buffalo up 74 7/8 or less

Additional Argentina Water Buffalo, as well as other trophy animals, are available by request.

SCI 75 to 79 7/8

Add $500 to base price

SCI 80 6/8 to 86

Add $1500 to base price

SCI 86 2/8 to 90

Add $2500 to base price

SCI 91 to 110

Add $3500 to base price


Year round.


4-Star Estancia


1X1 PH to Hunter Ratio, 5 Full Hunting Days with professional local guide, Argentine Water Buffalo up to Silver Medal (74 7/8), all transport within the hunting area, Grandhunting lodge stay, Three (3) delicious meals a day including wild game taken on the ranch, Upper Class Argentine wine, local beer, soda and bottled water, Laundry on a daily basis and Field preparation of trophies. 

Not Included

International airfare to Argentina, transportation toSanta Rosa La Pampa and back, Trophy fees for animals harvested or wounded, Hunting license ($150), Rifle Permit ($70), Accommodations before or after the hunt, Dip & Pack, Taxidermy or trophy export costs, Insurance or Medical Evacuation Insurance, Gratuities, Observers or Non-hunters ($200/Day)

License & Permits

Firearms Import fee $70 per rifle, 2 rifles maximum or gun rental $50/day.

Travel Specifics

Fly into Buenos Aires and then Sleeping coach or Air to Santa Rosa la Pampa. GSS will assist in airline reservations, meet and greet service, additional hotel stays, etc. Domestic flight prices subject to change and may impact final price depending on season but should not be more than $150 to 300.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Rick Kennerknecht at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 702 or Cell: 307-259-9603.

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