Hunting free range Aoudad in the rugged ‘Rock Cap’ region of west Texas is both exciting and memorable, aside from being the most affordable wild sheep hunt in the world. Glassing from vantage points and subsequent stalks are the preferred hunting methods for taking trophy rams, stretching the tape at 28 – 30+ inches. This outfitter runs a limited number of sheep hunts annually to maintain top trophy quality and works hard to put hunters inside of 200 yards for the shot promoting high success rates. Aside from airport pick-up arrangements, this hunt is all-inclusive and offers no limit on hogs or predators encountered during your hunt, at no additional cost. Your GSS consultant, Adrian, may also very well be your guide for this hunt!

Native to North Africa, Aoudad (also called Barbary sheep) were introduced to areas of west Texas in the 1940s in an effort to establish a wider variety of naturalized the big game species to hunt. This was in part triggered by severe drought and decreasing populations of bighorns. Self-sustaining, free-range populations of Aoudad Sheep now inhabit in the Rock Cap Region of the Trans Pecos, as well as the Glass, Davis, and Chinati mountains further southwest.

If you are seeking a uniquely North American hunt during the winter months so as not to interrupt your fall hunting schedule, then you should consider a mountain hunt in the desert for wild sheep! Being non-native – no tags, draws, seasons or limits are in place on this high success rate hunt, with many animals seen and encountered daily. We conduct many of our Aoudad hunts west of Lubbock and Post Texas in the “Rock Cap” Region. The landscape here is made up of Mesquite flats dropping off into jagged rock and red clay cliff faces offering many steep creek drainages and canyon, in which to search for your trophy Aoudad.


Scenic vistas accompany this hunt while glassing strategic vantage points throughout the day, so good optics are a must. Once a trophy Aoudad is located, the spot & stalk style hunt is on and typical shots range from 100-300 yards, occasionally across canyons or at steep angles. Our outfitter makes every effort to get our hunters within 200 yards, however.

Ask anyone who has experienced this hunt and they will tell you it is truly a unique, challenging, and memorable adventure in a remote corner of the continent. Keen senses and the rugged terrain they inhabit will quickly earn Aoudad your respect.

Trophy free-range rams harvested from our ranches range from 28 to 34 inches, with base diameters of 12 to 14 inches. Most rams will hit or be near the 30-inch mark. This hunt is very limited to maintain high trophy quality, so call to inquire and reserve your spot. Peak season spans December to mid-March, adding to your hunting season and offering an exciting bonus opportunity in the otherwise dead of winter.

Included in this Aoudad hunt

~ 2×1  guiding and trophy fees for one (x1) trophy Aoudad
~ 4 nights/3 days hunting
~ All meals, accommodations and transportation during your hunt
~ Unlimited hunting of Texas hogs, predators and varmints

Trophy and meat preparation (There is a $100 charge if you want the outfitter to cape your trophy and ship it to your taxidermist after your trip  – otherwise use the outfitter’s taxidermist and all prep & shipping costs are included free).

Not included in this Texas Aoudad hunt?

~ Wine & Spirits (can be pre-purchased for you prior to your arrival)
~ Gratuities
~ Airport pick-up/drop-off ($150 per vehicle round trip)

What to bring:

~ Boots that offer solid ankle support for hiking in rugged terrain.
~ Layard clothing system to stay comfortable in both cooler and warmer kinds of weather.
~ Calibers from .270 and up with a minimum 3×9 power scope is recommended, shooting tough 130+ grain bonded bullets.
~ 10x binoculars and up to 30x spotting scope if available.

2016-2017 PRICING


4-Nights and 3-days of hunting.  Includes one (1) trophy free-range Texas Aoudad.  Best time: January through March.  Includes unlimited hogs, predators, and varmints during your Aoudad hunt.


Airport Roundtrip pick-up/drop-off

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