Global Sporting Safaris is pleased to introduce new hunting opportunities in Alberta Canada! Come join us in the heart of east-central Alberta for a deer hunt of a lifetime. Our Outfitters whitetail hunting area is nearly all privately owned, filled with creek bottoms and patches of thick timber amongst rolling farmland that deer inhabit. The whitetail bucks in this hunting area average 140 with opportunities at 170+. A typical day of hunting whitetails includes driving rural country roads and glassing known deer hangouts. Couple this with sitting in high traffic areas or funnels throughout part of the day as recommended by your guide. If a 2×1 hunt, often 1 hunter will be in the truck, while the other man a lookout.  Switch at lunch or find yourselves watching known feeding fields in the evenings – all at your guide’s discretion. The outfitters’ objective is for you to each harvest giant bucks this year taking advantage of the mild winter and a foretasted ‘big buck’ season ahead to showcase his potential for future years. Hunting methods vary from; glassing, spot, and stalk, still hunting & rattling, deer drives, heated ground blinds and tree stands (or any combination thereof) until a mature buck is located & harvested. All hunt duration’s are 6 days unless otherwise requested. We generally sell our whitetail hunts in combination with mule hunts, however, if requested we can arrange these hunts separately.

Hunt in a solo 1×1 trophy oriented quest, or choose to hunt 2×1 alongside a good hunting companion. The duration of your hunt however you will be in the company of your guide, who resides locally and has grown up in the area. It’s a place renowned for trophy whitetail bucks and exciting hunting. This is not a hunt where you are simply dropped off for the day at a stand and picked-up after dark.

This Alberta outfitter is a family-owned operation whose members have lived, worked, and been raised on the land for the last 100 years. Hunts include full transportation to and from the Edmonton International Airport, all transportation during the hunt, all meals and lodging, field dressing, skinning and caping of the trophy, butchering services (cutting, wrapping, and freezing).

Conditions and Setting

The hunting area is located southeast of Edmonton approximately 100km. The landscape and hunting terrain varies from open farmland to patches of thick bush among rolling hills. Hunts are primarily conducted on vast, interconnected parcels of private property, encompassing excellent, and low pressured whitetail habitat. Instead of hunting a single area, this outfitter is able to move and access where the animals are, which has been a proven method in harvesting trophy whitetail bucks. Temperatures can range from 50 to -10 Fahrenheit or colder (especially in the last two weeks of Nov) and it is important to dress with appropriate layers.  The day will include driving in vehicles, glassing & stalking, pushing bush and stand hunting in the opportune parts of the day. Winter conditions typically become more severe in the latter half of the season.


Lodging includes a comfortable, modern lodge type accommodation, with separate sleeping facilities for hunt party (photos attached). Share common areas with other hunters, will full access to Wifi, big screen tv, bathroom amenities, washer and dryer, all bedding, and home-cooked meals and beverages excluding alcohol (grocery requests are appreciated, our cooks love to spoil our hunters!)

Getting There

Hunters will fly to Edmonton International Airport in central Alberta the day before their scheduled hunts. If your flight arrives in Edmonton after 9:00 pm or departs before 9 am you will be required to overnight in Edmonton, with various airport hotels in close proximity.  The outfitter will meet you at the airport or hotel and offer round -trip pick up to the lodge and back.

Terms of Booking Hunt

~ Hunter to provide all contact info for invoice development, issued upon booking
~ 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot
~ Cheques and Credit Card are both accepted (3.5% surcharge for Credit Cards)
~ Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned.
~ Final 50% payment is due no less than 60 days prior to your hunt date
~ All hunts are in US dollars
~ Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early

2×1 Whitetail Hunt

6-Day 2×1 Alberta Trophy Whitetail hunt is $3,750 per hunter.  Alberta hunting license is $110 and Whitetail tag is $350.

1×1 Whitetail Hunt

6-Day 1×1 Alberta Trophy Whitetail hunt is $5,500 per hunter.  Alberta hunting license is $110 and the Whitetail tag is $350.

2×1 Mule & Whitetail Deer

6-Day 1×1 Alberta Trophy Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo hunt is $7,500 per hunter.  Alberta hunting license is $110 and deer tags are $350 each.

1×1 Mule & Whitetail Deer

6-Day 1×1 Alberta Trophy Mule Deer and Whitetail Combo hunt is $9,500 per hunter.  Alberta hunting license is $110 and deer tags are $350 each.


Non-Hunting Observer rate is $200/day.

Hunt Includes

Roundtrip pick-up to and from the Edmonton International Airport
All lodging, meals, and transportation during hunt
1×1 or 2×1 professionally guided hunt
Field dressing, skinning, and capeing of trophy and meat preparation

Does Not Include

5% Alberta Government Taxes
Deer Tags ($350)
Alberta Hunting Licence & WIN card ($110)
Shipping and handling of trophy to taxidermist
Tips and gratuities
Specialized meat processing costs such as sausages, pepperettes or jerky

WIN Number

A Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) is required to purchase hunting and sport-fishing licenses in Alberta. A WIN number is valid for five years from the date of purchase and costs $8.00. You may purchase the plastic WIN card prior to the hunt and it will be mailed to you in 4 weeks. If you have hunted in Alberta in the last five years, you will not need to secure a new WIN card.

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