Experience some of the finest peak-rut trophy Mule deer hunting with guaranteed rifle tags in excellent units across central Alberta! Our Outfitters deer hunting areas are all privately owned, both in the foothills and prairie habitats.  Each day covers vast expanses of rolling farmland, filled with brushy coulees, sloughs & creek bottoms among patches of thick timber home to a good number of Mule and White-tailed deer. Our outfitters strive for quality and have a 170+ inch standard, knowing full well much larger deer inhabit the area. Trophy Mule deer in the 180-200+ inch range are encountered and can be harvested each season. With the help of the local ‘Chinooks’ warm air currents, quality forage, and cover in the region, Mule deer trophy quality remains excellent. Winters have been severe across Canada, but Mule deer tend to overwinter better than whitetails.

The amount of giant B&C class Whitetail bucks this area has produced over the years is staggering. Winter severity has reduced some of the numbers however, so while 130-140 class whitetails are the current average – the wild factor is always certainly still here. Whitetail hunts can be added for a small fee and price of the license, and make for a great target of opportunity.  Other great opportunities in southern Alberta exist in the prestigious Calgary bow only zones where trophy Mule deer are never exposed to rifle hunting pressure. These hunts occur in mid-September, stalking bachelor groups of trophy Mules through standing wheat with very high success rate at velvet bucks over 180+ inches!

Actively hunt with your guide all day. If you do find yourself sitting in a stand or blind, your guide is there with you as well, assisting you spot, judge and range deer in the brushy landscape. This is truly a trophy Mule deer hunt to experience. Hunt 1 on 1 alongside local guides that live and have grown up in the area. Your guaranteed tags are allocated in excellent, first choice units renowned for trophy Mule Deer. Tags in these units can take Alberta residents themselves as many as 6-8 years to draw, promoting quality bucks, but also translates to very limited availability. Packages are all-inclusive from Calgary Alberta International airport.


A typical day of hunting finds you driving rural country roads with your knowledgeable guide, glassing the known deer hangouts. We are looking for 170+ inch Mule deer, and you will have 6 full days to look for the biggest one you can find. Over the course of the week inspect a great number of wood lots, field edges, and wide brushy coulees where the deer are concentrated. This time of year the bucks are actively rutting and chasing does, and their movement alerts you of their presence. Hunt and judge for that one of a kind trophy and expect shots to range from 200-400 yards. Lunch can either be back at the lodge, at a diner is a small town or simply snacks and sandwiches as you hunt with your guide through big buck “gardens” into the afternoon. Evenings often offer some of the best Mule Deer sightings and many of the biggest bucks have been spotted or harvested shortly before dusk!

We generally only add our Whitetail hunts in combination with Mule deer hunts, however, if this is specially requested, we may be able to arrange these hunts separately.

This Alberta outfitter is a family-owned operation whose members have lived, worked, and been raised on the land for the last 100 years. This trophy Mule deer hunt includes all airport pick-up and drop-off services from Calgary International, as well as all transportation during your hunt. Breakfast is continental and dinners are home-cooked at your private lodge!  Field dressing, skidding and capeing of trophy for taxidermy prep is included. A unique service to all of our hunters is an onsite family-owned, provincially inspected meat processing facility. We are pleased to offer a full range of meat processing services to these hunt packages. Complete cutting and wrapping, and others such as jerky and varieties of sausage or pepper trees can be made available.


Perhaps this outfitters premier hunt with extremely high success rates at giant bucks! This 6 day 1×1 guided early season spot & stalk archery hunt occurs on private land in the fabled Calgary Bow zone. There is NO rifle hunting in these vast units and numerous Mulie deer abound, remain unpressured, growing ripe old ages and impressive sets of antlers. These prestigious units are known for 180-200+ inch velvet bucks! As an example, in a recent season the outfitter experienced 100% success rate, and all bucks harvested scored above 190 B&C inches. Archery tags are guaranteed, allocated to the outfitter annually. To facilitate this hunt at the current low price, clients typically stay in a hotel of their choice in the outlying Calgary periphery near their hunting units. Cost of the hotel is not included in the price. An option to stay in a new RV in a secluded campsite near your hunting area can also be arranged, and this would come at no price and be included in the package. Meals are also not all included, but your hotel will provide a complimentary continental breakfast, your guide will provide a bagged lunch or quick stop at a diner, and dinners are up to hunters to provide for themselves. Many amenities are onsite the hotels such as malls and restaurants, and hunters often stay nearby the airport for completely hassle-free logistics. Round trip airport pick up and all transportation during this fully guided hunt is included however. Full trophy preparations are included and arrangements with a taxidermist can be made upon request. Prime timeslots are during the second and third weeks of September, and to keep success rates and trophy quality where they are, only 4 tags are available annually. This translates to quality but limited bow hunt that is very high in demand. Mule deer tags are not included (at $250) and this package is priced and designed to be risk-free. Confirm your booking by only putting $3500 down. Only upon successfully harvesting a beautiful trophy Mule deer does an additional trophy fee of $3500 come into effect.


Hunting areas are located both east and west of Calgary, approximately an hour in each direction. Western units will be for foothill type environments with more cover and less agriculture, while eastern prairie units will be more agriculturally dominated with the bulk of the deer concentrated to small woodlands and brushy coulees. Overall the landscape and hunting terrain varies from open farmland to patches of thick bush among rolling hills with brushy bottoms. Hunting areas are almost exclusively conducted on vast, interconnected parcels of private property, encompassing excellent, and low pressured Mule deer and whitetail habitat.

Temperatures can range from 32 to -10 Fahrenheit or colder and it is important to bring and plan appropriate layers. The majority of your time will be spend driving and glassing from warm vehicles, but some glassing missions, stalks and recoveries are conducted on foot.  Winter conditions typically become more severe as the season progresses.  Blowing snow and high winds can increase the wind-chill factor calling for warmer clothes and layers. Warm footwear and quality binoculars are fundamental. Blaze orange is not a requirement, and late November hunters can often benefit from white snow camo over layers while stalking and glassing.


Accommodations include a hunter’s lodge-style camp located on the outfitters homestead, but completely separate facilities. Share common areas with other hunters or book a party of 4 to fill the camp yourselves. There is full access to Wifi, big screen tv, bathroom amenities, washer and dryer, all bedding, home-cooked meals, and beverages excluding alcohol (grocery requests are appreciated, our cooks love to spoil our hunters!) For our archery hunts, clients usually stay in one of several hotels near Calgary, or new RV campsite accommodations can also be arranged.


Hunters will fly to Calgary International Airport in Southern Alberta the day before their scheduled hunts.  If your flight arrives in Calgary after 9:00pm or departs Calgary before 9 am you will be required to overnight in Calgary (Sandman Hotel Airport 403-219-2475 / Hilton Garden Inn 403-717-1999).  The outfitter will meet you at the airport or hotel and offer round -trip shuttling to the lodge and back…


6-days – 1×1 Trophy Alberta Mule Deer (License $250) – Nov 2016/17 – USD$7,900

6-days – 1×1 Trophy Mule Deer/Whitetail Combo (License $250 each) – Nov 2016/17 – USD$8,900

6 days – 2×1 Trophy Velvet Mule Deer (License $250) – Late September – Archery – $3500
(+$3500 upon successful harvest)

Additional Hunting Days (if possible) at $250/day

Non-Hunting observer or companions welcome at $250.00/day


Round-trip pick-up to and from the Calgary International Airport
All lodging, meals and transportation during rifle hunts, or RV camp archery hunts
All lodging, meals and transportation during hunt
1×1 guided trophy hunt
Field dressing, skinning, and capeing of trophy and meat preparation

Not included in the cost

Government Taxes (5%)
Hotel accommodations and dinner during archery hunts
Hunting Licensing & WIN Number application
Shipping and handling of the trophy to taxidermist
Tips and gratuities
Meat processing cost at $2.25 per pound or any special orders such as jerky or sausages

A Wildlife Identification Number (WIN) is required to purchase hunting and sportfishing licenses in Alberta. A WIN number is valid for five years from the date of purchase and costs $8.00. You may purchase the plastic WIN card prior to the hunt and it will be mailed to you in 4 weeks. If you have hunted in Alberta in the last five years, you will not need to secure a new WIN card.

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