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African Hunts in Limpopo, South Africa

African Safari Hunts for KuduThis family-run outfitter can take you on some of the best hunting South Africa has to offer. With operations based in the bushveld of the famed Limpopo Province, they can guide you to a wide variety of plains game and any of the Big Five. Whether you’re looking to brave a lion hunt with a bow, challenge yourself to chasing down an eland, or simply fill out your trophy room with interesting animals like Nyala and Gemsbok, they can give you the hunt you’re looking for.

In addition to their African hunting safari packages, the outfitter also provides photo safaris. Anyone who loves spending time in the wild will have the experience of a lifetime here. You can count on the skilled professional hunters and knowledgeable guides to keep you safe and lead you to the animals you are looking for.

To round out the experience, this outfitter provides great African food and wine, a friendly staff, and beautiful, comfortable chalets where you can rest up between expeditions.

The Camp

Big Game Hunting Africa for OryxUp to 20 visitors can stay in the seven chalets that make up the base camp. All seven have air conditioning, so you will sleep in comfort during even the hottest African nights. The spacious swimming pool will help you cool off quickly at the end of a long day in the field, and the spa bath will help you release the tension and adrenaline of the hunt. Finally, the campfire and the lapa (traditional South African gazebo) provide great places for drinks and conversation with your fellow adventurers.

Wi-Fi is available for all. You can also buy souvenirs for the folks back home at the gift shop.

Getting There

Eland HuntsMost flights from the U.S. to Johannesburg, South Africa arrive late in the afternoon or even at night. To make sure you get to make the most of your hunt, we recommend that you spend the night in Johannesburg and shake off the jet lag. The next day, you can make the trip to camp.

There are two ways to travel from Johannesburg to camp:

  • Take a 45-minute flight from O.R. Thambo International Airport to Pietersburg/Polokwane. The outfitter will meet you there and take you on the two-hour drive to the camp.
  • Have the outfitter meet you in Johannesburg for a five-hour drive to camp.

We recommend the first option, but those who’d prefer to avoid the complication of a second flight may prefer to take Option 2. Please note there is a transportation fee for Option #2.

About the Hunt

African Hunting Trips for NyalaThis outfitter’s experienced and ethical professional hunters will give you the highest possible odds of success while ensuring you have an exciting and sporting hunt. Nobody does it better, as their numerous references will be happy to attest!

Every hunt brings with it the chance to see a huge variety of wild African game and unforgettable views of the Limpopo wilderness. You’ll keep these memories for the rest of your life.

While you can book your trip for any time, the best time for hunting South Africa is from March to October. This avoids the hottest times of the year, when a long trek through the bushveld can challenge even the fittest hunters.

All hunts are customized to the client. If the hunter or any observers have specific needs, the outfitters will be happy to accommodate them.

Warthog HuntYour hunting area depends on the species you’re hunting. The outfitters have several carefully managed concessions, as well as access to numerous private ranches. There will be plentiful opportunities on high-quality trophies at any of these, but species availability varies from one to the next.

The average hunting day begins at first light. You’ll have a quick, light breakfast at camp, then get out in the field. You will generally hunt throughout the morning and return to camp for brunch at 11:00. After a short rest, you’ll get back on the hunt for the afternoon.

If your hunting area is particularly far from camp, or if you are going after a particularly elusive quarry, you and your professional hunter will stay out in the field for the entire day. In this case, lunch shall be served on the trail.

For most animals, the outfitters prefer to mount up on one of their 4×4 hunting vehicles and drive until they spot your target. You only have to make the final stalk on foot. This trims off a lot of the time and effort it would otherwise take to find your quarry.

African Hunting Trips for OstrichHowever, you don’t have to use this method. The client always makes the final decision on how the hunt will be performed. If you’d rather hack your way through the bushes for days in an homage to the adventurers of old, that’s your call to make.

These outfitters offer African hunting safari packages for three dozen different species, but remember—not all of them share the same stomping grounds. You need to prioritize which trophies mean the most to you so they can decide which areas will give you the best odds and how much time you need to spend in each. Please note that some animals are only found in areas far from camp, so certain hunts will require serious traveling.

Photo Safaris

Not all shooting has to be done with guns! This outfitter can take you to Mapungubwe Heritage Park, Predator Park, or the world-renowned Kruger National Park. You can go by 4×4 and foot or on horseback. Whatever you choose, you’re certain to get some excellent shots of magnificent African wildlife and landscapes.

These photo safari opportunities sell out fast, so make sure you reserve your spot early!

The Best Rifles for Hunting South Africa

African Hunting Trips for ZebraA .30-caliber rifle with 180-grain or heavier bullets will do the trick for any plains game species. Soft-nose cartridges work best; the outfitter specifically recommends the Swift A-Frame. A high-quality, 3x–9x variable-zoom scope will serve you well on these hunts.

The Big Five and other dangerous game call for a bigger gun. A .375 can take on anything Africa can throw at you, but it certainly won’t be a mistake to use something even more powerful if you’re comfortable with it. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something with which you are entirely confident of your ability to drop a dangerous animal with a single shot.

If you plan to hunt leopard or lion, soft-nose bullets will get the job done. If you want to take a hippopotamus, a rhino or an elephant, you will need to use solids instead. Buffalo are a little tricky; you’ll sometimes be better off with one and other times with the other. Bring both, but focus on the soft ones.

Finally, make sure your dangerous-game gun has good swing-off mounts and a scope with a small profile.

Hunting and Firearm Regulations

African Hunts for BushbuckEach South African province regulates hunting within its borders. In Limpopo, you must hunt through a licensed outfitter and with a licensed PH. Planning your hunt with these outfitters takes care of both requirements and gets you access to more than 10,000 acres of hunting territory. They can even help you put together an international hunt ranging into Botswana, Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

You will need to fill out an application form to bring a rifle into the country. The outfitter recommends working with Adele Jansen van Rensburg of Hunters Permits Africa [] to bring your gun into the country; if you choose to use this option, you must get your application to her a minimum of three complete weeks before you arrive in the country.

South African Airways requires you to sign for your firearms in addition to clearing customs.

You must keep all ammunition separate from your firearms in a secure case.

Rifle rentals are available at the camp and can save you the trouble of bringing your gun across international borders.

Recommendations for Archery Hunting South Africa

Bow Hunting for ElandIf you plan to hunt plains game with a bow, you can use your choice of a recurve or compound bow, as long as it has a minimum of a 60-pound draw. Use arrows with a minimum weight of 400 grains. The outfitters highly recommend fixed-blade broadheads.

Hunting South Africa for dangerous game will put you in need of much more power. Use a compound bow with an 80-pound draw or greater, or a recurve bow with a minimum draw of 95 pounds. Additionally, use fixed, two-blade arrows weighing at least 850 grains.

South African Hunting Safari Packages

These South African hunting safari packages offer incredible discounts on plains game combination hunts. You won’t find better deals anywhere in the country!

African Hunting Trips for GemsbuckSpiral Horn Package (Eland, Nyala, Bushbuck & Kudu)
10-day safari (8 days hunting)
1-on-1 hunt: $10,500.00 per hunter.

Father/Son Package (Blue Wildebeest, Duiker or Steenbuck, Gemsbuck, Blesbuck, Impala & Warthog)
8-day Safari (7 days hunting)
2-on-1 hunt: $6,500.00 for the father and son

Africa First-Timer Package for Two Hunters (2 Blesbuck, 2 Impala, 2 Warthogs, 2 Blue Wildebeest, 2 Duiker or Steenbuck)
8-day safari (7 days hunting)
2-on-1 hunt: $3,995.00 per hunter or $7,990.00 for the 2 hunters

Twelve Hunting Days – 10-animal Deluxe Package (Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Bushbuck, Eland, Kudu, Nyala, Red Hartebeest, Waterbuck, Warthog & Zebra)
12-day safari (10 days hunting)
1-on-1 hunt: $17,000.00 per hunter

Trophy Fees $550 or less
African Wild Cat $550
Baboon $100
Blesbuck $500
Duiker $350
Genet $450
Impala $400
Jackal $50
Ostrich $500
Porcupine $250
Steenbuck $350
Warthog $400
Monkey $50
Trophy Fees $550 to $1000
White Blesbuck $750
Bushbuck $900
Bushpig $700
Caracal $900
Civet $900
Trophy Fees $1000 or More
Blue Wildebeest $1000
Eland $2550
Gemsbuck (Oryx) $1250
Giraffe $3500
Civet $900
Kudu $2550
Nyala $2500
Red Hartebeest $1450
Waterbuck $2000
Zebra $1250
Trophy Fees Price on Request
Tsessebe P.O.R.
Roan P.O.R.
Sable P.O.R.
Hippo P.O.R.
Crocodile P.O.R.
Lion or Lioness P.O.R.
Elephant P.O.R.
Rino P.O.R.
Leopard P.O.R.
Cape Buffalo P.O.R.

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Terms: Global Sporting Safaris accepts payment by business check and personal check, as well as by Bitcoin. American Express, Visa, and MasterCard credit card payments are also accepted, but they do incur a surcharge of 3.5% in addition to the price listed in African Hunts Packages above.

A 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your spot. In some cases, we can split your deposit into 3 payments, please inquire. Global Sporting Safaris will provide a Disclaimer & Waiver of Liability which must be sighed and returned. All hunts are in U.S. dollars. Final 50% payment is due no less than 75 days prior to your hunt date. Trips booked within 75 days of arrival require payment in full. Total costs of the hunt are fixed. There will be no refunds for any hunter leaving early. See our Terms & Conditions for further details. Global Sporting Safaris recommends the purchase trip cancellation insurance. Click here for travel insurance.

African Hunts have never been better but tags are extremely limited. Book your hunt soon to get the time slot you’re looking for!