Mangrove Cay Bonefishing 4-Nights & 3-Days starting at $2,082

Swain’s Cay Bonefishing Lodge Description

first_bonefish_andros1This picturesque Bahamian lodge is the perfect launching point for a most amazing bonefishing trip. Any angler that’s had the good fortune to experience first-hand, the reel-burning surges of huge bonefish knows exactly why anglers from around the world come here to battle these chrome torpedoes of the flats! You won’t find any better place to target large numbers of trophy bonefish. And this lodge offers easy access to those trophy-holding flats surrounding the legendary Andros Island.

Another fine choice offered at this lodge is the opportunity for deep-sea fishing with the local charter, “Reel Time”. A short offshore run accesses the plunging, blue-water depths of the underwater canyon known as “The Tongue of the Ocean”*. Each and every deep-sea fishing trip is different owing to the variety of game fish available throughout the year such as Wahoo, tuna, Dorado, and billfish.

bonefish6-lgMangrove Cay is only fifteen minutes from Nassau by air, placing you on the largest island complex in the Bahamas; Andros. 40 miles across at its widest point and 104 miles in length, with roughly 7400 inhabitants spread across its 2300 square miles; Andros is considered a subtropical wilderness.

Andros is actually an archipelago that is comprised of three main islands and many other, smaller islands called Cays (‘keys’). The larger islands are separated by bights, which are large salt-water channels between the islands. The bights run roughly east – west, with a total of three, appropriately named North, Middle and South Bight.

The Lodge is located on the eastern shore of Mangrove Cay which lies between Middle and South Bights of South Andros. The central location of Mangrove Cay makes it one of the best places in the area to prowl for large bonefish due the easy accessibility of the adjacent flats, creeks and channels. It is this maze of waterways, mangroves and flats and the amazing maritime wilderness they encompass that make this such an appealing bonefishing destination.

Big-14lb-Bonefish-small-sizeThe network of interconnected waterways can also create unique tidal fluctuations that can actually form opposing tides depending on which side of Andros you are on. This allows nutrient-rich waters to be pushed and pulled within those channels. Because of this unique tidal phenomenon, fishing guides are able to locate feeding bonefish and target those productive zones throughout the day.

The world’s second largest barrier reef, the impressive Andros Barrier Reef, fringes the eastern shores of Andros. Just beyond the reef is the famous “Tongue of the Ocean; where the ocean floor drops to 6000 feet. Andros is one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth and is for the most part a hidden jewel awaiting your discovery!

When you book your fishing trip of 4 nights or more you will receive two (2) FREE round-trip air tickets per room, from Nassau to Mangrove Cay and back! (This offer is not valid for travel between December 22, 2014 to December 31, 2014 and March 4, 2015 to April 14, 2015)

bonefish5-lgWe offer the best value for your dollar with our Bonefishing packages on the Island of Andros. Package rates are available and very affordable; so you can stay for two nights or seven nights. We are happy to arrange it all. With its ease of access and close proximity to major airports in either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, you won’t have to ‘break the bank’ to catch your trophy bonefish.

Beautiful and tranquil, Mangrove Cay is free from crowds, traffic and the distractions of modern life. Nestled among swaying coconut palms that arch over gleaming white beaches the lodge grounds look out over the beautiful, crystalline waters of its own bonefishing flat! The bright and clean lodge is your exclusive access point for exploring, sea-kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, or simply lounging on the beach. Relax to the soothing sounds of the waves, tropical bird songs and the soft breezes fluttering through the palms overhead. The best part though is the open and friendly hospitality of the lodge staff that the Bahamas are known for


  • 2 Nights/1 Day with Guided Fishing Tour for only $820
  • 3 Nights/2 Day with Guided Fishing Tour for only $1488
  • 4 Nights/3 Day with Guided Fishing Tour for only $2082
  • 5 Nights/4 Day with Guided Fishing Tour for only $2664
  • 6 Nights/5 Day with Guided Fishing Tour for only $3248
  • 7 Nights/6 Day with Guided Fishing Tour for only $3840
  • 8 Nights/7 Day with Guided Fishing Tour for only $4278

Package rates based on double occupancy/per person for a double bed suite with air-conditioning.

Packages Include:

  • Transfers to and from the airport
  • Accommodation in one of eight private luxury double rooms. Room rates vary depending on room type. All rates are per room / per night.
  • Queen-size beds
  • Daily maid service
  • Three meals per day including full cooked breakfast, packed picnic lunch and delicious home-style dinner
  • Bottled water (No other soft drinks or alcoholic beverages)
  • Professional bonefish guide and boat for 2 people
  • Daily transport to and from the boat docks (located in either Middle Bight or South Bight)
  • Use of bicycles, kayaks and snorkeling gear for your personal explorations of the area
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Room taxes
  • Flexible Check-Out

*If you would like to add deep-sea fishing to your package, are interested in single occupancy rates, other non-guided days or self-guided packages, please contact us.  We are more than happy to assist you with the arrangements.

NEW for 2015! – Bahamas to impose 7.5% VAT

For anyone booking trips to the Bahamas for 2015 there is a new government tax being imposed. The 7.5% flat rate VAT will be placed on all goods and services rendered within the Bahamas and goes into effect on January 1st, 2015.

The Basics:

  • 7.5% flat rate tax being imposed on ALL goods and services within the Bahamas
  • Pre-booked trips MAY  have to pay the VAT
  • Lodges will likely increase their trip prices to absorb the cost
  • The 10% Hotel tax has been eliminated
  • Everybody (Bahamians and visitors) pays the new tax

Booking a trip for 2015 prior to the January 1st roll-out of the VAT may still incur the 7.5% tax.  Bookings made after January 1st, 2015 will be charged the VAT. We will be working with our bonefish trip provider to establish the best price for 2015 and keep our clients apprised of further developments.