Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunting

Arctic Grizzly Bear Hunts. $12,500 based on 1x1.

Your 10-day hunt begins about 100 miles from the Arctic Ocean close to the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska’s far north region.  These Arctic grizzly bear hunts start by glassing berry fields or recent Barren ground caribou kills.  Ask about our combo hunts in this area.These hunts take place in August or early September.

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Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting

100% Success on Kodiak Island Brown Bears. $18,000 based on 1x1.

Here is a once in a lifetime opportunity to hunt the legendary brown bears of Kodiak Island with an experienced and enthusiastic guide at a very fair price for Kodiak. The average bear will be between 9 and 9.5 feet, but he has taken 10 foot bears as well.

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Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

Big Brown Bears, High Success, Exclusive Area. $15,500 based on 1x1.

The Togiak Wildlife Refuge near Dillingham, Alaska encompasses over 4 million acres of some of the best brown bear habitat on earth!  GSS has secured hunts with two Master Guides in the "Tog.”  That's 2 million plus acres for no more than 10 hunters per season! Bears average over 9 feet with even larger bears taken every fall.

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Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

The Big Brown Bears of Alaska's Admiralty Island!
Starting at $12,500 based on 1x1.

One of Global Sporting Safaris tops picks for spring brown bear hunting is Admiralty Island. Admiralty Island is a beautiful, rugged, mountainous Island with one of the highest population densities of Brown Bears in the world.

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Coastal Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

Coastal Alaska "Peninsula" Brown Bear Hunting. Starting at $14,000 based on 1x1.

This hunt will take you to Alaska’s Peninsula for some of the biggest Coastal Brown bear.  This outfitter on takes four hunters per year optimizing your opportunity for harvesting a big coastal bruin.  As long as you have a tag, there is no extra charge for black bear, wolf or wolverine.  This hunts don’t last long.

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Alaska Brown Bear Hunting

Few hunts can match the thrill of Alaska brown bear hunting. These enormous predators are possibly the most hard-to-kill game animals native to North America, but their pelts are incomparable trophies.

The Quarry

Alaskan brown bear hunting trips are not all created equal. There are three types of brown bear in this state: Kodiak (found on Kodiak Island), brown bear (found on the coast, especially on the Alaskan Peninsula), and grizzly (found in the inland). The bigger varieties are generally more expensive to hunt.

Kodiaks are a distinct subspecies and are the largest brown bears in existence—in fact, the largest Kodiaks match the size of the largest polar bears, tying them for the positions of largest bear and largest land predator in the world.  Males usually weigh at least 800 pounds and can weigh as much as 1,500 when they are preparing for the winter. They can reach lengths of over ten feet.

Coastal brown bears can grow to be nearly as impressive as Kodiaks, but they tend to be somewhat smaller. They reach this large size thanks to the abundance of salmon along the coastline. The inland grizzlies are scientifically the exact same as their coastal cousins, but they are smaller due to the lack of such an easy food source. Still, the males tend to be at least six and a half feet long and weigh over 400 pounds

All brown bears have a large shoulder hump and fairly straight claws, which, along with their size, are better indications of a brown bear than coat color (brown bears can be any color from blond to a deep brown that’s almost black, while some black bears can be brown or even near-red). They are not as well-adapted to climbing trees as black bears, but they are certainly capable of it. They are also excellent sprinters and can chase down caribou and moose.

The Hunt

Alaskan brown bear hunting is carefully regulated in order to protect this important species. Hunters must be careful not to shoot cubs or mother bears. The best practice is to pursue only the largest males—you’ll be staying safely within legal bounds and getting the best trophy possible as well. If you’re an out-of-state hunter, you must be accompanied by a guide or an Alaskan relative. Global Sporting Safaris can put you in touch with some of the best guides in the state.

It’s recommended that you use the most powerful rifle you can comfortably and effectively use—going up to .50 caliber isn’t a bad idea if you can handle the recoil. Hunting style varies depending on location, guide, and the type of bear you’re pursuing, but the most popular options are spotting or still hunting along salmon runs.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Alaska brown bear hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.