Experience incredible free-range trophy Rusa deer hunting at the peak roar on the beautiful South Pacific island of New Caledonia! Inspect as many as 40 trophy stags daily, and see a staggering total of 500 to 2000 Rusa deer each day while out hunting! Our experienced outfitter stands behind 100% success rates over the last 15 years with trophy stags ranging between 30-40+ inches. These are some of the largest on record.  Situated near Fiji, this semi-tropical island offers a diverse landscape of agricultural land mixed with mountainous country, dotted with thick patches of timber, open fields, mangrove swamps, and steep river bottoms.  New Caledonia is well known for producing top-quality stags and arguably the world’s finest free-range Rusa deer hunting experience. Hunt spot & stalk in a 2×1 guiding ratio in combination with vehicles, predominantly on private ranches where we have exclusive access. Trophy Rusa deer are this outfitters specialty but be sure to inquire about exciting combo opportunities for Sambar, Hog & Fallow deer in Australia, or Tahr and Chamois in New Zealand while already in the South Pacific. Fishing side-ventures are another exacting option. Target pristine flats for world-class Bonefish & Giant Trevallies on a fly, or consider a number of mixed species reef and offshore angling opportunities. Upon arrival at Tontouta, New Caledonia’s International airport in the capital city of Noumea, this is an all-inclusive hunt. Availability is quite limited, with the lodge accommodating only 4 hunters during the peak hunting weeks annually. Ample side ventures will entertain hunters and non-hunters alike, such as the fantastic beaches, diving, snorkeling, and dining!


For over 25 years, our outfitter has in part pioneered trophy Rusa hunting in select regions of New Caledonia, boasting huge populations of deer. The expansive hunting areas offer a diverse variety of exotic wildlife and ever-changing landscapes.  Highly prolific, it is not unusual to view 2000 or more deer per each day while hunting – something that must truly be witnessed firsthand to fully appreciate. These hunts are reserved for the peak of the rut when stags are vocal and roaring, twirling, and decorating their antlers with grass and brush. It is entertaining to watch males wallow in mud, court females, or fight off rival males while glassing and judging the deer! This season kicks off in July and can extend into September.  Hunting is typically conducted safari-style, either departing on foot from a host property or by 4×4 to access a variety of more distant hunting areas.  Walking along the open hilltops will allow excellent glassing of the valley floors and mangrove swamps in your quest for trophy stags. 10x Binoculars and 30x spotting scopes are recommended. Once a suitable animal is located, the distance is closed and an exciting stalk for roaring Rusa commences, either through timber or across Savannah type environments.  It helps to be in good physical condition, but elderly hunters or those with disabilities have had pleasant experiences and been successful in the past.

Rusa antler configurations typically include 3 points per side, and these older stags carry excellent beam and tine length, as well heavy mass and extensive ‘beading’.  There are no trophy fees according to antler size, and hunters are free to inspect dozens of mature deer each day looking for the biggest and best stags. The typical New Caledonia trophy Rusa range 33-34 inches, and many larger trophies are taken annually. In 2010, a 40 inch Rusa was harvested during an exploratory hunt in a newly acquired hunting area. Most hunters typically go home with 2 trophy stags after 5 days of hunting, expertly handled and prepared for shipment and taxidermy.

To bring your own firearms and ammunition, a “Hunter Detail Form” will be provided for your completion then processed by the outfitter. This form MUST be submitted no later than April 21st prior to your hunt the following July-Sept. Calibers ranging between .270-.300 are ideal, and Military calibers such as a .308 & .30-06 are not permitted. Typical shots are between 100-250 yards. Should you not wish to bring your personal firearm, new Ruger Hawkeye .270 rifles topped with 3-9×40 Zeiss Conquest riflescopes may be rented from the outfitter for the hunt.


While in the South Pacific there would be opportunities to add additional species to the Rusa hunt with several exciting combo options. The same outfitter catering to trophy Rusa deer hunting clients in New Caledonia also offers some very nice Sambar, Fallow & Hog deer packages out of Melbourne/Victoria Australia. All these are estate hunts however, but still very challenging.


Coinciding perfectly with the peak Rusa roar, August would be the prime time to add a big Sambar to your list, offering some of the years finest hunting. Our outfitter has some exceptional Sambar to offer, regularly taking stags in the 28-32-inch range. The price is all-inclusive at $5,500 with no size limit or additional trophy fees.


The outfitter also offers some excellent Hog Deer hunting but there are no guarantee bucks would still be carrying antlers in August when most of the Rusa hunts are conducted. Hunters would however have the opportunity at a nice buck should something suitable presented itself. This is especially true if the Rusa hunt was booked anytime in July.  A good representative Hog deer is generally around the 13 – 14 inches and several excellent trophies upwards of 17+ inches are taken annually.  A peak time slot specifically targeting big trophy Hog deer would occur from December to February. Like Sambar, prices are $5,500 with no size limit or trophy fees on quality.


As well, trophy Fallow deer bucks are available from the same location. Our Fallow deer regularly go 28-33+ inches with approx. 7-9 inch palms. These are superb high-quality bucks and an August hunt would be towards their season. The antlers will be fine however but capes maybe a little scruffy. Prices are again $5,500 with no size limit or trophy fee on quality.


Two final options are free-ranging Asiatic Water Buffalo in northern Australia and Tahr & Chamois on the South Island of New Depending on where you make your connection to New Caledonia, these combo options can be made available but would be through a different outfitter.  Prime seasons for each however overlap perfectly. August is peak winter and is regarded by many as the best time to take a Bull Tahr due to their dense, prime coats. This is also true for Chamois. August is also our Australian outfitters favorite months to target big Water Buffalo, Scrub bulls & Barramundi.  Either makes for exciting combo options to the Rusa Deer hunt in New Caledonia! Australian combo hunts are priced at $8500 and inquire for details regarding any New Zealand combo options.


Truly a fishermen’s paradise and a perfect way to better experience New Caledonia, we are pleased to offer exceptional fishing packages in combination with Rusa hunt at your request. Perhaps home to some of the world’s best flats for Bonefish and Giant Trevallies on a fly. Target the largest subspecies of Bonefish (Albula glossondota) with average weights between 7-8 lbs. In these pristine flats, 10-lb Bonefish are certainly not rare. For something different spend a day jigging multi-species game fish from some of Northern New Caledonia’s many reefs, drop off’s, passes, or inshore lagoons. Enjoy light tackle, fly-fishing, or trolling for species such as; Groupers, Dog-tooth, Skipjack and Mackerel Tuna, Barracuda, Milkfish, Spanish Mackerel, Jobfish, Snapper, Giant Trevallies, Wahoo and mixed Shark species. The following day experience offshore big game fishing or pelagic giants such as Black, Blue & Striped Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Sailfish, Wahoo, and Dorado. Transfers from Rusa hunting areas, exotic seafood meals, complimentary champagne & beachside bungalows, or thatch lodgings with expert guiding, equipment, and a friendly staff completes another exciting New Caledonian experience.


Situated off the northeast coast of Australia, New Caledonia is a French colony near Fiji in the South Pacific Ocean. The climate is semi-tropical hosting interesting flora and fauna and a truly unique ecosystem, perfect for the avid photographer’s nature lovers. Rolling hills dominate the south and western portions of the Island, while mountainous terrain is found further to the northeast. Surrounded on three sides by coral reef boasting sandy beaches and coconut groves, this is a hunt with many pleasant side venture opportunities for non-hunting companions to enjoy.  A popular vacation destination, the island has a population of nearly a quarter-million people consisting equally of French Colonials and indigenous ‘Kanakis’. Cattle ranching, rich nickel deposits, and Eco-tourism are the primary economic drivers.

Regarding equipment, temperatures tend to hover around 20C (75F). Khaki, grass or desert camouflage patterns are all good choices along with a hat. A light jacket or sweater is often used in the cool of early mornings. Good foot wear such as light hiking boots can be vital and should provide both comfort and good traction on gravelly or slippery inclines.  Blaze orange is not required.


Small, comfortable bungalow-style huts will accommodate hunters while on host properties, with full en-suite and modern amenities. Meals as well as post-hunt lounging areas are all provided by your hosts, and hunters will have opportunities to experience wonderful local hospitality and delectable French New Caledonian cuisine. Dinners are served in the host properties gardens within traditional grass and bamboo styled huts referred to as a ‘Kaz’, constructed by local native craftsmen. Truly this is a unique hunting experience!  Any remote hunts are typically operated from motel-style accommodations or even bush camps if the properties are isolated and difficult to access.  Should you choose to add several days fishing to your stay in New Caledonia, accommodations are also usually beach bungalows, but premier yacht based packages are also available upon request.


Connections to Tontouta, New Caledonia’s International Airport in the capital city of Noumea are made from several south pacific destinations across Australia or New Zealand. Sydney might offer some of the best connections.  Hunters must book their flights to arrive on the Saturday of the hunt commencement date, upon which you will be met at the airport by the outfitter or his staff, and taxied directly to the lodge and hunting area. This 7-day package should allow for 6 – 6.5 days of hunting, and departing flights should be booked for the following Saturday unless the intention is to stay in New Caledonia for additional days should you add an exciting fishing combo (typically 3 days) or choose to sightsee, snorkel, scuba dive or conduct other ecotourism.

The outfitter also recommends obtaining all the appropriate documentation to import your animal, and will personally arrange for the required ‘New Caledonian Government Veterinarian Certificate’. Hunters will also typically leave with their Rusa Trophies. It is suggested to bring some kind of bag to transport capes, as well as 2+ feet of garden hose (for cutting and placing over antler points) and a roll of tape.

Hog, fallow, and Sambar deer hunts are conducted out of Melbourne Australia.  The fishing packages are launched off the northern point of New Caledonia, approximately a 5-hour drive from Noumea.


5 days 2×1 hunting – x1 Trophy Rusa Stag – July-Aug 2016/17 -$5400 (Includes trophy fee)

Additional Trophy Rusa Stag – $1700

Combo Options

Estate 2×1 Trophy Sambar, Hog & Fallow Deer hunts – Melbourne Australia – $5500 each

6 day 1×1 Free-range – Trophy Australian Water Buffalo – Darwin Australia – $8500

Free-range –Tahr & Chamois Hunts – Queenstown New Zealand – Inquire for details

Word Class Flats/Reef/Offshore Fishing combo – New Caledonia – 4nights/3 days – $3300 each


4 anglers – 6 nights/5 days fishing – SPECIAL all-inclusive beach bungalow package – $3300 each

4 anglers – 7 nights/6 days fishing – SPECIAL all-inclusive yacht based packages – $5500 each



Our outfitter has exclusive hunting rights on a huge tract of land in the NT of Australia spanning nearly 1,000,000 acres. With such a vast unpressured area the water buffalo numbers are higher then ever before tallying into the thousands. The past 10 years the property has only run archery hunts typically hosting about 12 archers per year. Our buffalo are less skittish due to the low hunting pressure, compared to what can be experienced in the Arnhem lands. These are wild free-ranging water buffalo we offer 100% success rates on shot opportunities at trophy buffalo. Our Archery average over the past 10 years is 95 SCI, with buffalo over 100 SCI harvested annually. The biggest Australian Water buffalo to be harvested off the property scored an impressive 128 SCI. Our all-inclusive 2X1 Water Buffalo hunts are priced at $8,500 USD which entails 6 full days of hunting, and includes the charter flight from Darwin Australia to MacArthur River where airport pickup is provided. Also included is the hunting of hogs and wild dogs (dingo’s) as well as barramundi fishing in the river systems and billabongs found on the property. Barramundi is one of the world’s best fighting fish and makes great table fare in camp! Hogs are typically in higher concentration later in the season, where barramundi fishing is typically better in the early part of the season. Scrub bulls may also be encountered on the hunt and harvested on a trophy fee basis of $1000


Our Australian Buffalo hunts are conducted using spot and stalk tactics. Typically leaving camp at first light, hunters usually take a short drive and begin walking creek beds and checking billabongs for wallowing buffalo, all the while glassing vast floodplains and sneaking through bedding areas with the wind in our favor. On a typical day hunters can expect to look over 100+ buffalo. For those hunters who are not able to walk great distances that is not a problem as most of the property is accessible by vehicle and we can glass buffalo and plan our route from the vehicle before starting our stalk. Midday hunters usually head back to camp for lunch and avoid the heat dodging the strong midday sun. This is the time enjoy a cool down with a swim in a natural spring, flick a few lures hoping to hook into a Barra, or perhaps grab a nap. Before long the evening hunt is on the way.  Water Buffalo hunts are typically conducted during the dry season ranging from June 1st through October 31st, however being a feral animal of Australia there are no set seasons, bag limits, or licensing requirements. Year-round the outfitter experiences cows in heat, leading to encounters with aggressive behavior as bulls fighting for dominance. This makes for great action and the opportunity to close the gap on the distracted bulls.

Archery or Rifle you ask? We strongly recommend any avid archers to bring their bows on this hunt. Our outfitter will guide you personally and has 15 years of bowhunting experience and can confidently get hunters into bow range. In addition, Water buffalo are an inquisitive animal, often offering great shot opportunities at close range. However, some modifications to a typical North American archery setup will be necessary to be able to ethically harvest these giant animals, which rank as the largest hooved animals in the world, weighing in at a metric ton or more! Heavier draw weights/arrow/broadhead combos are necessary.  Firearm hunts are conducted, but typically only on later season hunts, starting in August. You are welcome to bring your own rifle or rent one (.416) at the lodge for a hassle-free experience.


Additional Trophy Buffalo may be taking for a $1750 trophy fee, and Scrub Bulls for $1000. Dingo’s, Hogs, and Barramundi fishing is included for no additional price! As well, from mid-Aug to Sept we are pleased to offer “Cull” packages as an addition to any Trophy water buffalo hunt. Cull package includes 5 animals of the guides’ choice (poor genetics, broomed/broken horn bulls, sick/old/injured animals) for a price of $2500.  Species are mainly Water Buffalo, but scrub bulls, as well as brumbies, may also be harvested). Should you only wish to book a 6-day Cull only 6 animal package, the price is $9500 and reserved for late season. You can always add a Trophy Water Buffalo or Scrub bull, or another 5 animal cull package as per trophy fee pricing. Helicopter shooting or scenic flights are also available, and Helo-hunt pricing can be made available on request. Only 3 Cull packages are offered annually, so inquire early for this great but very limited high volume opportunity!


If you’re a keen angler, after your 6 days of buffalo hunting we can arrange to rent and relax on a houseboat for a minimum of 3 nights and enjoy fishing on the MacArthur river for a wide variety of both freshwater and saltwater fish in the Gulf of Carpentaria. Prices upon request.


Enjoy the real Aussie experience of a rustic yet comfortable outback bush tent camp. Permanent structures are not recommended in this remote area due to extreme flooding during the wet season along with the heat and fires of the dry season. Any constructed lodge would be at great risk during the offseason. Another reason for the tent camp is that to maintain the highest success rates and trophy quality possible, he likes to remain mobile, moving camp each week in accordance with buffalo movements throughout the property, save travel time each day while out hunting.  A hot fire-heated outdoor shower and drop style dunny (toilet) is provided. Our carefully selected camp areas are typically well-shaded areas and next to a lovely water source. Enjoy the peace and quiet of the remote Northern Territory in a traditional yet comfortable fashion. Hunting rights are exclusive and expect no other people of hunting pressure for the duration of your hunt and time at camp. All home-cooked meals during your hunt, as well as snacks are also provided. The use of traditional Aussie bush cooking methods will be used for some of our roast dinners which all hunters are sure to love!


The destination city for this hunt is Darwin, Australia. Typically hunters spend at least 1 night in a hotel in Darwin to rest and adjust to jet lag before catching the charter flight provided at no additional cost by Air North to MacArthur River. Here you will be greeted by the outfitter and driven about 250km to camp. Once your hunt concludes, all hunters are then driven back to MacArthur River airport by the outfitter and charted back to Darwin.


Boiling and cleaning of your buffalo skull will be done in camp upon harvest. However there is a dipping and packing fee of $150. This service is done at the outfitters’ facility in Townsville. Shipping is later conducted by a company used by the outfitter out in Brisbane, able to send your trophy anywhere in the world. The outfitter will fulfill all administrative requirements for export, so its hassle-free for the hunters. If your plan is a shoulder mount the outfitter will need to know in advance. This ensures enough salt is purchased and brought to camp prior to the hunt as well as planning to have enough space to transport the giant heavy cape back to Brisbane. Shoulder mounts can be done in Brisbane for $2600 AUD mounted and crated. Shipping of all trophies is at the hunter’s expense.


~ Round trip charter flights from Darwin to MacArthur River (Approx $1500 value)
~ Round trip airport shuttle service from MacArthur River to Lodge
~ All guiding and transportation while hunting
~ Accommodations and three meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks daily
~ Opportunity and trophy fees for x1 Trophy Water Buffalo
~ Trophy European skull mount preparation
~ Hog and Dingo hunting and Barramundi Fishing is included at no additional cost


~ Travel to Darwin Australia and pre and post-hunt accommodations.
~ Alcohol
~ Gratuities to guide/camp helper
~ Trophy Water Buffalo Caping fee $500
~ Dipping/packing of trophies $150
~ Shipping of trophies

Species Duration Price
Water Buffalo – Bow Hunt 6-Days $8,500
Water Buffalo – Rifle Hunt 6-Days $9,000
Cull (6 Animal Guides Choice) Rifle or Bow 6-Days $9,500
Buffalo/Banteng Combo Hunt Coming Soon $20,000
Buffalo/Chital Deer Combo Hunt Coming Soon $12,000
Archery Buffalo/Cape York Hog Combo Hunt Coming Soon $12,500
Additional Trophy Water Buffalo Add-on $1,750
Trophy Scrub Bull Add-on $1,000
Cull Package (5 Animals Guides Choice) Add-on $2,500
Extra Hunting Days Add-on $250/Day
Non-Hunting Observer Add-on $250/Day
Rifle Rental Hunt Duration $250
Rifle Ammunition Per Cartridge Used $10
Helicopter Hunting Add-on POR



For many years, it was impossible to go to Desert Bighorn sheep hunting in Chihuahua, Mexico—the native population had gone extinct. Yet, with hard work and devotion to the cause of making this incredible big game hunt possible yet again, this ranch has successfully reintroduced bighorns to their native habitat.

The ranch now has about 300 sheep. Their fair chase hunts yield impressive rams, and hunters can generally expect to bag one that will score 170 or higher. On top of this, their efforts to restore the bighorn habitat have also increased the population of Crooki mule deer to over 250. Hunters can double up their hunt, and it’s common to harvest mule deer in the 160 to 180″ range.

The owners have also successfully reintroduced bighorn sheep to two other ranches in Chihuahua.


This ranch consists of twenty thousand of acres of land in the Tinaja Verde mountains near the border of Texas, where native bighorn populations originally roamed. The land is only partially fenced, with one side completely open to allow wild animals to get in and out. The ranch land is perfect, with plenty of water and vegetation, so the herds don’t try to leave through the same exits.  The ranch has been inspected by Boone & Crockett and qualifies for their record books.  It also qualifies for the Wild Sheep Foundation and they have recently honored the outfitter with a Conservation Award.

The land provides a perfect habitat for mule and bighorns, with mountains rising to peaks more than a mile high. Expect a real challenge on your desert bighorn sheep hunting adventure, with the tough hikes and long shots typical of mountain hunts.

While temperatures can climb to 100 degrees in the summer, your hunt will take place in the cooler parts of the year: the desert bighorn sheep hunting season lasts from late November to late March, while the mule deer hunting season lasts from the beginning of December to the end of January. Be prepared for below-freezing temperatures in the winter. Fortunately, the lows are rarely worse than 23 degrees, and 60-degree winter days aren’t unknown.

Besides bighorns and mule deer, the land is populated by a mountain lion, bobcat, fox, and collared peccary. The vegetation is varied, with acacia trees serving as a dominant feature.


The large ranch features luxurious, Santa Fe-style accommodations, great mountain views, and tasteful decoration. Gourmet meals are provided, including both Mexican and international foods, and are accompanied by a selection of wines.


3000-foot landing strip complete with a hanger; luxury accommodations; food and
beverages; phone and Internet access; transportation to the ranch (by land); hunting guide; hunting, trophy, and rifle permits. The ranch will also be happy to help out with any special requirements you may have.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of desert sheep hunting experience you’d like to have. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

Hunt Duration

Hunts are ren (10) days. Please allow several extra days for travel.

Hunting Methods

Spot and Stalk. Glassing.

Sheep Rates

$55,000 1×1 for 170 to 180+ Class Desert Bighorn Sheep


SOLD OUT: November 20, 2016 through March 2017


2 Tags Left: November 20, 2017 through March 2018

Mule deer Rates

$5,995 1×1 for 150 to 180 Class Crooki Mule deer

Sheep Season

Late November through late March

Deer Season

December 1 through January 31


Nice Ranch Style Mexican lodge.


Tag, License, Meals, CITIES documentation, lodging, professional guide service and trophy preparation.

Not Included

Airfare to Chihuahua City or Presidio City, Texas or gratuities.

Travel Specifics

Fly to Chiguahua City, Mexico.  Here you will be met by the outfitter. Clients may also fly to the airstip on the ranch.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Rick Kennerknecht at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 702.


Aguascalientes, Mexico, is recognized as one of the top Goulds turkey hunting destinations in the world. If you won’t settle for anything less than pursuing the largest of all turkeys in the best location possible, then this is the hunt for you.



Hunting Gould’s turkeys in the U.S. is a near impossibility due to the limited population and extremely strict hunting regulations; wildlife officials are working hard to increase their numbers north of the border. Mexico continues to offer the best opportunities for most sportsmen.

There have always been concerns attached to traveling to any foreign country, and in recent years, worries about traveler safety have sadly prevented many interested people, including hunters, from visiting Mexico. Fortunately, these concerns a non-issue for this hunt. Aguascalientes is one of the safest states in Mexico. The capital city (which goes by the same name) puts most American cities to shame with its impeccable cleanliness, fantastic infrastructure, and business-savvy population. As far as safety, health, and comfort are concerned, there’s no better place to stay in Mexico.


Your Goulds turkey hunting trip will take place in the Sierra Fria range of the Sierra Madre mountains, just a little over an hour out of the city of Aguascalientes. Here you’ll travel to heights of over a mile and a half above sea level, where you’ll hunt among canyons, high mesas, and mountains dominated by pine and oak forests and open prairies.



The largest turkey in the Americas, the Goulds turkey has longer legs, bigger feet, and more impressive tail feathers—the largest of all, with snow-white bands—than any other subspecies. The difficulty of securing the chance to hunt them in the U.S. only adds to the desirability of this fine trophy.

The average spur length is from 0.75–1.00 inches. It’s not uncommon to find gobblers in this area with up to three beards, often ranging into lengths of ten inches or more. These giant turkeys can weigh in at up to 25 pounds.


In order to achieve the NWTF’s Mexican Turkey Slam, a hunter must bag at least one each of ocellated, Rio Grande, and, of course, Gould’s turkeys within the borders of Mexico in order to complete the Slam. The Gould’s is also essential for the Royal and World slams. There’s no better place to get started on these three slams than right here in Aguascalientes.


This outfitter offers whitetail deer hunting (Mexican Central Plateau variety). You can arrange for a combination hunt if you request it and plan accordingly.

Call today or fill out the form below and let us know what type of Gould’s turkey hunting experience you are looking for. We’ll send you information on opportunities that match your goals. Our experienced outfitters are second to none and we’re happy to share personal experiences with you.

Hunt Duration

Arrive Wednesday evening, Hunt Thursday through Saturday, Depart on Saturday.

Hunting Methods

Blinds near roosts, trails or water sources.


$2,649per Hunter. Non-Hunter rate is $500.

2nd Turkey

Total $1600. $1500 plus $100 turkey Tag.


March thru May


Comfortable Ranch Lodge. All bedrooms have complete bathrooms that have tile showers with plenty of running hot water and attractive vanities.


1 (one) Gould’s Tom, 1 (one) turkey tag, Lodging, All meals, Refreshments in the field, Field care and packaging of trophies, Guides, Transportation to and from the Ranch and the airport, Hunting license and visa, USFWS trophy import forms.

Not Included

Travel / overnight expenses that you may incur in before and after your hunt, Taxidermy work and shipping of trophies, Tips (They are customary and, of course voluntary, for guides, cooks and staff).

License & Permits

Included in the price.

Travel Specifics

Aguascalientes International Airport. Currently, there are three daily flights from the US, two from Continental and one from American Airlines; they are via Dallas and Houston, TX.   Your outfitter will pick you up at the airport.

Additional Info

For detailed Information or to arrange this hunt please contact Rick Kennerknecht at 888-850-HUNT, Ext. 702.