Experience hunting free-ranging Roe Deer, Fallow Deer, Red StagRussian Boar, and Mouflon in southwestern Poland with high success rates and excellent trophy quality.  Hunt for the biggest buck or stag you can find in 5 fully guided days with FLAT RATES on all trophy fees (other than Mouflon over 70 cms). No sliding scale or high, unexpected costs for harvesting an excellent trophy! All hunts are free-range and fair chase, typically conducted with spot and stalk style hunting techniques but perched stands in strategic areas are also employed. Silencers or suppressors are permitted. Traditionally driven hunts for Wild Boar or non-trophy cull/meat hunts can also be made available, as are moonlit night hunts. Roe deer are open from May to September, with early season and the rut being the most popular windows to hunt. Red Stag opens in September and Fallow Deer follow in October. The roar for both peaks sometime in October is the perfect window for a combination hunt. The mouflon is available from October into January and Russian Boar is open year-round. Many hunters harvest multiple trophies as various seasons overlap allowing for a European safari-style combo hunt. These competitively priced, all-inclusive packages offer 5 nights’ accommodation in luxurious palaces or manor homes with excellent dining, an English speaking interpreter, and gracious staff. Complimentary airport shuttle service is available from either Poznań or Wroclaw via Warsaw. All GSS clients have so far returned very satisfied with several rebookings.


Hunt free-ranging trophy Roe Deer from May to September across several excellent hunting areas in rural southwestern regions of Poland. The season opens in early May, and many regard this to be the best time to hunt trophy bucks. Thus hunts are conducted throughout all of May with excellent success rates and trophy quality. The weather and conditions are also mild and pleasant. Another excellent window is during the rut, with things heating up sometime in mid to late July and into mid-August. This is a very exciting time of year to hunt as rutting Roebucks respond well to calling strategies. During either, and early season or a rut hunts, it is possible to harvest 5-10 trophy Roebucks in a typical 5 day, 1×1 guided spot and stalk type hunt.  Our all-inclusive Roe deer hunting packages start at $1600 for 5 fully guided hunting days and trophy fees for x1 trophy Roebuck of unlimited size. Additional Roe Bucks of unlimited size can be added to this package for $500 each. Red Stag opens in September and can be added to any Roe deer hunt for a trophy fee of $3500.


Our outfitter might offer some of Poland’s best hunting areas and trophy quality when it comes to big, free-range Fallow Deer.  One exclusive hunting concession spans more than 20,000 hectares where we conduct successful 1×1 spot and stalk style hunting.  Primetime slots for peak rut hunts would be throughout October during which time you can combine your hunt with Red Stag, Mouflon, Wild Boar, or additional Fallow deer. Unfortunately combining Roe Deer and Fallow Deer can prove difficult since neither season overlaps the other. Our all-inclusive Fallow Deer hunting packages start at $2750 for 5 fully guided 1×1 hunting days and trophy fees for x1 trophy Fallow Deer of unlimited size. Additional Fallow Deer can be added for $1500 each, and trophy Red Stag of unlimited size can be added to this package for $3500 each.


Hunting free-ranging Red Stag during the peak rut is considered one of Europe’s best and most exciting hunts, and our outfitter has an excellent track record of both high success rates and free-range trophy quality.  The rut occurs from roughly the middle of September lasting into mid-October and hunts are a combination of stands and spot and stalk style hunting.  Seasons are long in Poland, opening September and only closing January. September is a perfect time to combo with Roe Deer hunts, while October is the best window to pursue free-ranging Fallow deer or Mouflon in combination with your Red stag hunt. Our all-inclusive Red Stag hunting packages start at $2750 for 5 fully guided 1×1 hunting days and trophy fees for x1 trophy Red Stag up to 6 kgs. Packages for $3500 include a stag up to 7kgs, and most popular of all, our 5 day 1×1 all-inclusive Gold Medal package include fees for a trophy Red Stag of unlimited size.  Additional Red Stag can be added to this package. Trophies up to 6 kgs are priced at $1450 each, while up to 7 kgs for $2500 each, and most popular of all, any stag of unlimited size for $3500 each. Add Roe Deer in September for $500 each, and trophy Fallow Deer in Oct for $1500 each.


Poland offers some excellent opportunities for trophy Mouflon and the season runs from October to the end of January.  All other species operate on a FLAT RATE trophy fee that has been negotiated with the outfitter, but Mouflon along with fall subject to trophy fees on a sliding scale in accordance with trophy size, as is typically seen across Europe. Mouflon up to 70 cms/$2000, up to 80 cms/$5000, and $30 forever mm over 80 cms. The base rate for a 5-day all-inclusive Mouflon hunt is $1500, to which the subsequent trophy fees will be added to upon harvest. Mouflon hunts can be offered in combination with Fallow Deer, Red Stag, additional Mouflon, or Driven Russian Boar hunts.  A popular package, therefore, is our 5-day all-inclusive 1×1 gold medal Mouflon Hunt for any trophy ram up to 85 cm for $6500. Fallow Deer, Red Stag, and Wild Boar can also be added to most Mouflon hunts.


This is the best of Poland wrapped up into one package with the best value and lots of hunting all under one flat rate price! Consider this popular 7 day, 1×1 guided all-inclusive package including all round trip airport transfers, an English speaking interpreter (and/or guide), all meals, luxurious accommodation, guiding, next day European skull cleaning services and trophy fees for an unlimited size Red Stag, Fallow Deer and Mouflon (x1 each) all for only $9950! Choose to swap out your fallow deer for a trophy wild boar of unlimited size, or add it to this package for $1500. Extra days can also be added for $200 each.



This is your chance to hunt for and harvest a truly giant boar from 300-500 lbs! Hunt spot & stalk to located a huge boar or consider baited hunts from an elevated high seat in key locations ranging from late fall to early spring. Baited hunts have proven most effective during the winter months when little other food is available on the landscape, and make for very exciting hunts with excellent trophy quality. This 5 day, all-inclusive package is 1×1 guided for $2850 and includes one wild boar of unlimited size. Add additional Wild boars from one of two categories. Up to 200 lbs (99kgs) and with tusks up to 180mm for $750, or boars of unlimited weight and size for $1500.


Our outfitter also offers traditional driven hunts that involve groups of 12-15 hunters primarily focusing on Russian Boar which reside in good numbers. Red Stag, Fallow, and Roe Deer may also be available on driven hunts, depending on what seasons are open.  Experienced packs of hounds, dog handlers, and beaters flush game efficiently to hunters placed in strategic locations. Hunters have engaged actively all day with a quick lunch and celebrations after a successful day afield. Poland has some excellent Russian Boar hunting, and all-inclusive driven hunting packages are priced at $4300 per hunter. This includes 5 fully guided & organized days, meals, accommodations, transportation & trophy fees. This is an excellent opportunity for a larger group of hunting companions, or 1 or 2 hunters interested in participating in a tradition hunt with resident and other European hunters.  Occasionally hunters will have the opportunity to join a group on Driven hunts for 1 or 2 days, and costs are $850 per day.


Existing in the wild only in Poland, we are now pleased to offer European Bison hunts for a unique but limited opportunity. Hunts occur on private free range 20,000+ hectare hunting concessions in eastern Poland, approximately 4 hours northeast of Warsaw near Belarus and Lithuanian borders. This is a very successful but largely a risk-free hunt however, as hunters are only asked to book paying only basic hunt costs covering meals, accommodations, and guiding at only $2500 for 5 full days. To his trophy fees for bison are added upon successful harvest. License is quite limited, and Bison trophies vary too greatly in price, and for that reason cannot be offered with Flat rate pricing. The trophy fee breakdown is as follows;

~ Non-medal trophy bulls (up to 129 CIC) at $5000
~ Bronze medal trophy bulls (between 120-149 CIC) at $6100
~ Silver Medal trophy bull (between 150-169 CIC) at $10,000
~ Gold Medal trophy bull (up to 170 CIC and above) at $13,600
~ Wounded and unrecoverable European Bison at $4600


A separate all-inclusive 5-day package or upgrade available to most of the hunting packages is a non-trophy cull/meat hunt for $1900. With this add-on a hunter can harvest 10-15 female Roe Deer, Red deer hinds, and wild boars during their week of hunting. Please inquire as cull hunts are not always available.


Southwestern Poland offers very huntable and game-rich terrain. The landscape is generally flat to gentry rolling rural farm country with cereal crops, canola, hay, and pasture field being common. Scatted woodlots, pine plantations, and larger tracts of mixed forest land area comprised of Birch, Oak, Poplar, and varieties of Pine. Weather is usually fair and comfortable but will vary dependent on your quarry and the season afield. Roebuck hunts in May are similar to spring with mild mornings warming into the afternoon and conditions are just greening up. The summer hunt is warm with taller vegetation. Fall rut hunts for Red Stag and Fallow Deer are reminiscent of October in New England. Cooler weather, fall colors, and expect snow on the ground towards the later part of the season such as December onwards.


Lodging for this hunt is best described as historic but luxurious manor homes or even palaces, or at times leased hotels. Some of the renovations have a modern twist.  All accommodations have a rich history complete with maintained gardens, courtyards, private rooms, communal dining halls, and common areas. Meals are hearty and very satisfying with a hospitable staff to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. The outfitter has several lodgings at his disposal and accommodations for your stay will depend on where or what you are hunting. This in turn is dictated by subsequent seasons, group size, and availability.


The nearest airport to the majority of the hunting areas will be either Poznań or Wroclaw, both of which are situated in southwestern Poland. Airport pick-up and drop-off services are always included upon arrival to either of these destination cities. Various circumstances may include airport shuttle services from Warsaw. Both Poznań or Wroclaw however can be reached easily from Warsaw by either smaller commuter flights, high-speed trains, or a vehicle rental. The outfitter will greet you and show you to your accommodations. Most hunters should plan for a travel day on either end of their 5-day hunts, and arrivals early in the day, and departures late in the day provide you with more time & flexible.  Firearm rentals may be available for a fee of $250 for the duration of your hunt, and non-hunting observers are also welcome at an all-inclusive rate of $200/day.

*Note: These competitive prices & flat rate trophy frees are on the premise that hunters will harvest multiple trophies on a 5-day hunt.

Roe Deer

5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy-class Roe deer.  Cost: $1,600. Additional Roe deer are $500 each. Season May through September.

Fallow Deer

5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy-class Fallow deer.  Cost: $2,750. Additional Fallow deer are $1,500 each. Season October through November.

Red Stag

5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy-class Red deer.  Cost starting at: $2,750, $3500 or $4500 unlimited size. Additional Red deer are $1,450 to $3500 each. Season September through January.


5-Day Hunt includes (1) trophy-class Mouflon up to 85cms $6500.  Inquire for lower Mouflon pricing below 85cms.

Boar Baited or Stalked

5-Day Baited or Stalked Russian Boar hunt. $2,850.  The season is October through May.

Russian Boar

5-Day Traditional Driven Russian Boar hunt. $4,300 or $850/Day.  The season is September through January.

European Bison

5-Day Hunt Guided hunt is $2500 plus trophy fee.  The season is October through May.  Trophy fees range from $5000 to $13,600.  See the description above for details.

Cull Hunt

5-Day non-trophy cull hunt as a package or add-on. $1,900.  Inquire for Daily rate


Non-Hunting Observer rate is $200/day.

Rifle Rental

Rifle rental with the quality rifle, optics, and ammunition is $250 for the duration of the hunt.

Hunt Includes

Roundtrip Airport Transfers to Lodging
English Speaking Interpreter
5-Star accommodations  for 5 days /5 nights
Daily gourmet meals during your hunt
Professional guiding and all transportation during your hunt
Combination hunting opportunities if seasons overlap
Russian Boar & combination hunting opportunities (if seasons overlap)
Skinning, caping and trophy preparations

Does Not Include

Rifle Rental
Shipping and handling of trophies
Gratuities to guides ($100 daily or 10% total cost of your hunt + trophy fees) & lodge staff (Approx $30 per day)
Pre and post trip accommodations and travel

Hunting In Romania


Romania may not be on everyone’s radar, but secretly it might offer some of Europe’s finest yet overlooked and affordable hunting opportunities for a variety of iconic game species.  Predator species Bear, Wolf, and Lynx currently not available in Romania.

All hunts are free-range from generations of wild-born, 100% wild animals. Many regions of the country in fact do not even have low fencing. In addition, most species are indigenous, pursued in their native ranges accompanied by deep cultural traditions that date back hundreds of years. In the western part of the country straddling the Hungarian border is the rich agricultural Western Plains region which is a top destination for Roe DeerRed StagWild Boar and without doubt, it might offer some of the world’s best free-range trophy Fallow deer hunting. They migrate and gather her in incredible numbers undergoing a mass rutting ritual each year, offering excellent odds at multiple Gold Medal plus Fallow bucks. Heading east into Transylvania’s folklore steeped the Carpathian Mountains we can offer species such as Red Stag and Carpathian Chamois. Choose to combine any of these species with Wild Boar and Roe deer while traversing through the foothills en route to more alpine regions.  Our Romanian packages are all-inclusive and priced for 4 full days of 1×1 guided hunting with FLAT RATE trophy fees built-in for x1 species of unlimited size (except Fallow deer). Stay in a comfortable and traditional lodge or resort-style hotel with excellent dining. Also included in this package is an English speaking interpreter, quality rifle rental, European skull cleaning, and round trip airport-lodging-airport shuttle services to ensure your experience is comfortable and hassle-free. Destination cities are most commonly Timisoara for western Plains hunts and Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest for various Foothills or Mountain packages. Year-round hunting opportunities exist, just dependent on species!


Likely the most numerous of all games in Romania are Roe Deer, an iconic European species. The agricultural rolling plains in western Romania, along with the foothills of the Carpathians to the east produce great hunting and exceptional trophy quality.  The largest populations of Roe deer exist in the western Plains however so most of our specialty Roe deer hunts are based out of Timisoara.

Classic Roe deer hunts are conducted in the spring upon the season-opening in May and last until the crops become too tall to hunt effectively. In late July and early Aug however Roe deer begin their rut and trophy bucks are very susceptible to calling. The majority of grain and alfalfa fields have been cut at this time and visibility is again conducive to quality hunting. For the right experience, choose to focus on exclusively Roe deer, since seasons for most other species are either not prime or open, aside from European Brown Bear and Wild Boar. A bonus Roe deer can also be picked up while hunting Red Stag or early in the Fallow rut seeing as Roe Deer season closes in mid-October. To add Roe deer as a secondary species while targeting other games, a limited amount of licenses are available in most hunting areas for a flat rate price of only $550 each. Otherwise our early season hunts in May & late summer rut hunts in late July & August are priced at $1800, which is all-inclusive for 4 days, meals, lodging, transportation, 1×1 guiding, rifle rental and x1 Roebuck of any size. Additional Roebucks of any size are priced at $550 each.  Most hunters will take between 4 and 6 bucks in 4 full days of hunting.


In October the Fallow deer here begin rutting and might offer some of the world’s best free range opportunities at multiple Gold Medal plus trophies. Truly a magical wildlife experience every passionate deer hunter must witness at least once in their hunting career. Each year in an area known as the plains of Socodor, as many as 2500+ rutting Fallow deer gather in the open country and the surrounding lowland forests to undertake a spectacular annual mass breeding ritual. Reminiscent of a migratory barren-ground caribou hunt, have the opportunity to inspect numerous bucks each day in search of something exceptional. Hunts are 1×1 guided and usually conducted by spot & stalk or stand type hunting from high seats. In lowland forests, shots are usually within 100 yards but are prepared for long-distance shooting from a prone position in open country scenarios.

Global Sporting Safaris has worked hard to negotiate hassle-free flat rate trophy pricing for all the various packages, and this applies to all species in Romania with the exception of Fallow deer.  They are simply too special a commodity in this region and some of the largest fallow bucks you may observe during the rut could command trophy fees up to $10,000. Sliding scale trophy fees become exponential after a certain point and are near impossible for many hunters to budget accurately. We are pleased to offer excellent flat-rate pricing on any Fallow buck scoring up to 4.5kgs. This represents a buck well above the gold medal standards, equivalent to say a free-range 170-180 inch B&C Whitetail in North America.

Your guide will be able to determine if any Fallow bucks encountered are over 4.5 kgs, so enjoy stress-free hunting for a great gold medal trophy targeting all but perhaps the top percentile of what might be encountered. Any Fallow buck over 4.5kgs will be subject to trophy fees payable after the hunt. Peak season runs from around Oct 5th to Halloween. The later part of the rut may see more antler damage as they fight aggressively. This 4 day, all-inclusive, 1×1 guided packages for any Fallow buck up to 4.5kgs is priced at $4550. To add additional Fallow deer up to 4.5 kgs is a fee of only $3250 each. Other species may be added to most Fallow deer hunts, but extra days may be required. The destination city for our specialty trophy Fallow Deer hunts is Timisoara, which is closer to Budapest Hungary, then Bucharest Romania.


The peak roar is influenced by various weather-related factors. If it is a cold fall, the Red Stags tend to roar a little earlier. As a whole, the roar ranges from mid-September to early October. Hunts are fully 1×1 guided and are typically conducted spot & stalk while calling. Stand type hunting from a high seat can also be used when waiting in a strategic location or for a specific trophy stag. Various hunting environments exist in Romania for the trophy Red Stag that resides here.  Hunt in either the western plains and choose to combine with Roe Deer & Fallow deer and Wild Boar. Or hunt in the transitioning Foothills region towards the east, combinable with Roe Deer. Lastly, in the Carpathian Mountain hunts deeper in Transylvania, choose to combine Red Stag with Chamois and Wild Boar. To hunt in the plains region of the country clients must hunt’ a-la-cart’ with sliding scale trophy fees which become very expensive for large trophy stags and are making it very difficult for a hunter to budget. With that GSS has worked hard to develop all-inclusive flat rate trophy hunt packages good for any stags in the 7-13+ kg range, some of which more than exceed Gold Medal standards. No sliding scale trophy fees. These opportunities are possible on only a very limited basis and are restricted to various regions of the country based on license/permit availability.

Our first flat-rate option is a 4 day, all-inclusive, 1×1 guided  “Standard” Trophy hunt occurring in the Foothills region with typical stags scoring 7-9 Kgs, and the largest going around 11kg for $5750. The second option would be a similar 4 day, all-inclusive, 1×1 guided “Advanced” Trophy hunt in the Carpathian Mountains known for slightly larger stags but a slightly more physical and challenging hunt. Here expect trophies to range from 8-10kgs, with the largest going around a whopping 13kgs, all with a flat rate price of $7750. We are currently working to develop flat rate Stag hunts in the western Plains regions, but at this time they are only available per sliding scale trophy fee. These hunts are the least physical. The airport or destination city will depend on the hunting area where the best licenses have been secured. Usually Timisoara for western Plains hunts, and Cluj-Napoca or even Bucharest for Carpathian Foothills & Mountain hunts.


Arguably the most popular big game quarry in Romania, especially among the locals and other Europeans. These hunts are rich in cultural heritage, and for good reason. Romania might offer some of Europe’s best Wild Boar hunting for animals that routinely weight in at 250-300kgs. That 500-600+ lbs! All packages are all-inclusive and choose from 1×1 guided Trophy hunts, either conducted spot & stalk or from an elevated high seat over food source or bait, OR, action-packed driven hunts with hounds with a larger group of hunters.  Best times to hunt boar are during the colder months when crops are not present in the fields, typically from Oct to May. These hunts also occur in the western Plains, Carpathian Foothills, and Mountain regions, and so destination cities can be either Timisoara or Cluj-Napoca.  We offer specialty Wild Boar hunts, but Boar is also combinable with nearly every other species in Romania.

Add a Wild Boar of any size to any hunting package for a flat rate of $750 per boar.

Trophy Stalking/Baited Wild Boar Hunts – This is your opportunity to target a truly gigantic, trophy European Wild Boar. These hunts are available from October through to May, but the optimum time might be the dead of winter when crop fields are bare and food is a scarcer commodity. Either spot & stalk groups of feeding Boars through loose timber in the shoulder hours of the day or hunt from an elevated stand over an actively maintained bait site seeking an above-average specimen. This 4 day, all-inclusive 1×1 guided hunt package is priced at a mere $2100 and includes trophy fees for x1 Wild Boar of any size. Add additional trophy Wild Boars at $750 each with no limit.

Driven Hunts – These hunts are usually conducted with groups of 10 or more. To participate in driven hunts you must either book as a large group, or join an established group between early November and the end of January. These 4 day all-inclusive guided packages are priced at $2850, and there is no limit to the number of Wild Boars you are able to harvest. Rifle rentals are also provided but a fee may come into an effect depending on the amount of ammunition used. Ammunition is quite expensive in Europe.

Bear Hunting Romania (As of 10/7/16 this hunt is not available)

Regarded as one of the outfitter’s specialty hunts, Romania boasts the highest recorded population and density of Eurasian Brown Bears compared anywhere else in Europe. Aside from Wild Boar, Brown Bears here cause extensive damage to agricultural crops and threaten livestock which ensures a limited amount of hunting permits allocated each year. The outfitter is proud to boast near 90% success rates on trophy Brown Bear hunts which occur in the Carpathian Foothills and Mountains of Transylvania both spring and fall. Brown Bears are here are hunted in one of several different ways, either from a baited elevated shooting house, spot & stalk type hunting, or driven hunts with hounds. Prime spring dates would span from late March to mid-May and be conducted over baited sites or as stalking type hunts.  Prime fall Brown Bear dates range from late October to late November and in addition to also being hunted over bait and stalking, driven Brown Bear (and or Wild boar/Wolf combo) hunts can also take place. Depending on the season, it is possible to combine Brown Bear with Wild Boar & Roe Deer in the spring and all other species during the fall season. Extra days can also be added. The destination city will likely be Cluj-Napoca, however, Timisoara is also used for Bear permits secured in any south or western Foothill hunting areas.


Only available in the alpine regions of the Carpathian Mountains, this beautiful and highly prized Chamois is regarded as one of the largest sub-species of Chamois in the world.  These spot & stalk type hunts take place in one of two hunting areas, the first occurring roughly 3000-4000 feet above sea level in a still somewhat forested setting. The second takes place at higher elevations around 6000-7000 feet in steeper, more rocky Alpine type environments. For these hunts, it is recommended to be in a decent physical condition as a typical hunt sees 3-4 hours of climbing each day. Take advantage of our very affordable all-inclusive, 4 days, 1×1 guided Trophy Mountain hunt package that includes x1 Carpathian Chamois of any size priced at a flat rate of only $4450! Chamois can also be combined with any western Plains, Foothills or Mountain hunt is $4200, but factor in at least 3 additional days to travel and hunt this specific region of the Carpathians. The prime time to hunt Chamois in Transylvania would range from mid-September to late November, or at least before heavy snowfalls risk reliable access into the high country. Our Chamois hunts are best combined with Roe Deer, Red Stag, Brown Bear, Wild Boar, and Wolf in the Foothills or Mountains. Fallow Deer combinations may also be specifically arranged out of Timisoara if requested.  The destination city for most of our Chamois hunting is usually Cluj-Napoca or at times Bucharest.

European Wolf Hunts (As of 10/7/16 this hunt is not available)

Regarded as the most difficult eastern European trophy to successfully harvest, Romania however would be the place to do it. The Carpathian foothills and especially Mountains still boast healthy numbers of wolves thriving on the abundance of both food and cover. Stalking type hunts are very difficult and best success rates come from elevated stand hunting over baited areas, or at times during a mixed driven hunt focusing on Wild Boar and Brown Bear. Snow on the ground certainly improves odds, especially over bait, and as such the optimal time to focus on a specialty European Wolf hunt would be during the winter months. The best dates range from December to the end of March.



Romania is a large enough, ecologically diverse nation bordering a number of other countries as well as the northern shores of the Black Sea feed by the Danube River delta. The majority of our hunts however occur in the open plains of western Romania, comprised of the rich agricultural countryside with mixed low-lying hardwood forests and old hamlets or villages. Other hunts are offered in the Carpathian Foothills and Mountain regions of central Romania, in what is currently regarded as Transylvania. Here patchy networks of fields slowly give rise increasingly rolling wooded hills, until mature mixed forests dominate, transitioning to confiders, and then ultimately exposed Alpine peaks.

Dependent on what part of the country you visit, and what species you are hunting and at what season, conditions will vary. A comparable parallel would be to conditions experienced in US states such as Vermont, New Hampshire, or Upstate New York. Roe deer hunts are green and warm but can be hot in midsummer. The fall season are cool and colorful.  Leaves hit the forest floor in late fall and temperatures begin to fall. Eventually snow covers the landscape in the winter but conditions are not overly cold or severe. Late season Mountain hunts however can be subject to deeper snow and more trying winter conditions, as can be expected in any Alpine peak that time of year.


For our Romanian hunts, arrangements are typically made at one of several hotels in the local vicinity of the area you will be hunting.  We are pleased to offer our clients a number of traditional amenities and all the comforts of home. All packages include full lodgings and enjoy three locally inspired gourmet meals daily. Hunters usually each have private rooms, either with private or shared washrooms, and full use of hotel restaurants, dining halls, and common areas. Complimentary round trip shuttle services are provided to transport all hunters from the airport, to the hotel and back to the airport. The guide will meet hunters at the hotel at agreed-upon times for daily hunting ventures. For some of our mountain hunts, small hunting lodges are also used where you stay with your guide. For all western Plains and some Foothills hunts out of Timisoara in western Romania, we prefer the Moara cu Noroc Hotel (  For other dedicated Carpathian Foothill or Mountain hunts in central Romania, we can accommodate hunters at either the Motel Sora ( or the lakeside Danubius Hotel & Spa south of Cluj-Napoca (


The destination city for the majority of our Plains & Foothill hunts will be Timisoara, while other Foothill or Mountain hunts will be based out of Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest. This is dependent on what hunting areas the various licenses have been allocated for each year. All destination cities have airports that can be reached by a number of major airlines and connecting hubs. Typical connection cities can include Amsterdam, Munich, or Frankfort, and in all entails a quick, simple, and relatively inexpensive travel when compared to other continents. Upon booking a hunt in Romania, consider planning pre or post-hunt European sightseeing activities, or even combine two separate hunts in two or more different but nearby European countries to maximize your European experience & travel. These are excellent packages to consider bringing a non-hunting companion or observer.


~ 4 day -All inclusive 1×1 guided Trophy Roe Deer hunt (no size limit) – May & August – USD$1,800

~ 4 day -All inclusive 1×1 guided Trophy Fallow Deer hunt (up to 4.5kg’s) – October – USD$4,550

~ 4 day -All inclusive 1×1 guided Trophy Red Stag hunt (Standard) – September – USD$5550

~ 4 day -All inclusive 1×1 guided Trophy Red Stag hunt (Advanced) – September – USD$7750

~ 4 day -All inclusive 1×1 guided Trophy Wild Boar hunt (Stalking/Baited) – October-April – USD$2350

~ 4 day -All inclusive guided Driven Wild Boar hunt (no limit) – November-January – USD$2850

~ 4 day -All inclusive 1×1 guided Trophy Carpathian Chamois hunt (no size limit) – Sept-Nov – USD$4,450

*Note: Wounded or unrecoverable game either terminates your hunts or is subject to 50% of the estimated value according to trophy fees by your PH if you wish to keep hunting.

Combination Hunts & upgrades  

~ Additional Roe Deer (no size limit) – $550
~ Additional Fallow Deer (up to 4.5kg’s) – $3250
~ Additional Wild Boar (no size limit)-$750
~ Combine with 3 day Carpathian Chamois Mountain upgrade – $4200
~ Combine with 3 day Plains Red Stag – Price subject to sliding scale trophy fee according to size harvested
~ Combine with 3 day Red Stag – $4500 Foothill hunt & $6500 Mountain hunt (pricing subject to change)
~ Additional hunting day -$300/day
~ Non-hunting observer welcome – $200/day


~ Round trip Airport-Hotel-Airport shuttle service from either Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca or Bucharest
~ All guiding and transportation during hunt package
~ Comfortable hotel or lodge style accommodations
~ Three hearty meals daily
~ All Government licenses, fees & taxes
~ English speaking guide or interpreter to accompany each hunting party
~ Quality Rifle Rental

Not included:

~ Travel to and from Romania
~ Any pre or post hunt hotel accommodations
~ Gratuities to your guide
~ Taxidermy



The safari hunting in Namibia is some of the best in Africa, and this family-run outfitter is one of the best in the country. Join them to experience everything from leopard hunting to wingshooting on 200,000 hectares of exclusive land.

The operating family has lived here for over a century and was among the first in the country to offer professional hunting services. Their sprawling castle estate contains 11,000 hectares of exceptional hunting grounds. Located just 125 miles from the capital, it’s a quick drive away from the international airport.

In addition to hunting, the outfitter offers guided tours both on the ground and in the air, as well as the option to go on a self-guided driving tour. Your adventure won’t end if you tag out early.

With exceptional accommodations, personal service, and unbeatable hunts, this outfitter provides some of the best safari hunting trips on the continent. Many of their clients become repeat customers. Whether this is your first safari or your tenth, it will be the hunt of your dreams.


Each morning will greet you with the exquisite artwork of a savanna sunrise, the music of the African wilderness, and a generous breakfast. The day will follow with hours deep in the bush as you seek out the world’s most-wanted trophies. When the last shooting light fades, you can expect a barbecue dinner to greet you on your return to the castle.


Few things can compare to the imaginative architecture of this family estate. Built with Colonial flair, it features gorgeous, crenelated white towers and decadently appointed rooms. It is reminiscent both of European castles and Latin American estancias.

The only thing more breathtaking than the estate is the setting. Across the broad savanna, stern mountains rise in the distance. Light foliage and gentle slopes create just enough cover to make you wonder what might hide in the shadows.

The estate has a long history that you can feel as soon as you enter it. Founded by a German farmer in the early 20th century, when Namibia was called German South-West Africa, it is one of only a handful of surviving estates from that time.

Within the grounds, you’ll find a garden replete with luxurious lawn chairs, many angled to watch the setting sun, and an active watering hole. In the midst of it all, a pool set in stone tile lies beneath swaying palm trees.

Nobody was surprised when this outfitter first won the prestigious Golden Award of Excellence from the Hospitality Association of Namibia in 2007. They have received the same word several times since, proving the quality of their accommodations.

You’ll spend your nights in one of eight lavish double rooms or one of the two family rooms. Each features an en-suite bathroom, and all packages include a daily laundry service.

Other amenities include the hunters’ bar, decorated with spectacular trophies; a living room perfectly arranged for relaxing conversations; an inviting veranda; a library; and a TV room with access to a wide selection of channels from across the world.

Non-hunters will have plenty to do. Tours, nature walks, and game drives allow everyone on the trip to get a taste of the African wilds.

Meals feature a combination of European and African cooking, with local games and homemade bread playing prominent roles. You can also expect some delicious desserts.


The operating family has owned exceptional hunting grounds adjacent to the estate for nearly three decades. Their careful management has allowed populations of animals as rare as black rhinos and cheetahs to thrive. They also have enormous concessions, including one in the Namib Desert and another near the small village of Kalkfeld.

Each of these areas offers unique terrain and opportunities for hunters, from leopard hunting in the lush north to zebra hunting in the mountains. You can easily spend your entire trip in just one area. However, many hunters opt to visit two or even all three.

No livestock is present in any of the hunting areas. You’ll be in real wilderness, and it will feel like it.

The outfitter fields a small army of staff to make sure that every hunt goes perfectly. Besides your veteran guides, you will have trackers, drivers, and skinners to assist you with everything from getting to the hunting area to preparing your trophy.

Most hunts call for spotting and stalking. Others will involve still hunting over watering holes or game trails, or, when necessary (as with leopards), over bait. All hunts are highly ethical and fair chase.

Available species include leopard, kudu, Livingstone eland, sable, roan, duiker, impala, springbuck, klipspringer, steenbok, zebra, cheetah, and a wide variety of other big and small plains game animals. You can also add wingshooting to your hunt. Contact us for a full list.


Located close to the main estate, these concessions feature dramatic plains teeming with game. You can expect to find oversized springbucks, hartebeests, and warthogs here.


In the north of the country, the grass is literally greener. You’ll see more trees and plant life, although savanna and sparse bush still dominate the countryside. Over two dozen game species make their homes in these concessions, including everything from eland to wildebeest to duiker.


Some of the most physically demanding hunts take place along the edge of the Namib Desert. Even the camp moves with you, with tents transported by truck to keep you close to the best possible spots each day. Options in this area include oryx, klipspringer, ostrich, mountain zebra, and leopard hunting.


This outfitter emphasizes sustainable hunting and careful game and land management. And they have fantastic land to work with—from bare mountains and stony fields to grassy savannas and thorny bush. The diverse landscape and careful conservation efforts have kept populations strong and varied.

As a result, you won’t hunt depleted herds with only young animals. You can expect some truly magnificent trophy-worthy specimens. Many hunters win SCI medals.

You’ll need to devote at least six days to your plains game hunt. You will typically stalk your quarry. If necessary, the outfitter can adjust the methods used to match the hunter’s capabilities or get an opportunity on a, particularly challenging species.


The government of Namibia carefully regulates leopard hunting to keep it sustainable. The number of licenses given out each year, and for each area, depends on current populations and success rates from previous years. This outfitter consistently receives more licenses than almost any of their competitors.

They’ve also had the highest leopard hunting success rates in the country for several years running. Their daily bait management practices play a major role in this. Additionally, they have one guide who specializes in leopards. He knows the entire sport inside and out, and he will give you the best possible chance of success—and of getting a monster cat.

At dusk and dawn, you’ll wait behind a blind for your quarry to appear and present a shot. You’ll need a scope with exceptional light transmission in order to hunt in these conditions.

Leopard hunting requires a rifle with a caliber of at least 7 mm. The outfitter offers gun rentals if you can’t bring your own.

Since no animal is harder to fool than the leopard, you need to plan at least 12 days for your hunt. You must possess exceptional patience and skill in remaining still. If you have what it takes, bagging a leopard might just become the proudest moment of your hunting career.

Most leopard hunts take place in the far north.

You won’t find a better outfitter with which to go safari hunting in Namibia. From the award-winning accommodations to the medal-worthy trophies, everything stands in a class above. Call the number at the top of the page or fill out the form on the right to start planning your trip today!

Plains Game Hunts are a minimum of 6 hunting days. Leopard is a minimum of 12 hunting days.

1×1 Hunter

Plains Game: $450 per day

2×1 Hunter

Plains Game: $380 per day


$180 per Day

1×1 Leopard

$1,000 per day.  12-Days minimum. Pre-baiting before arrival, $250/day.





Eland (Livingstone)


Kudu (Greater)


Gemsbuck (Oryx)

$650 (Special Price)

Red Hartebeest


Zebra (Burchell)


Zebra (Hartmann)


Wildebeest (Black)


Wildebeest (Blue)


Springbuck (Kalahari)






Damara Dik-Dik

$1,600 (Only available in Namibia)

Impala (Southern)


Impala (Black-faced)

$3,700 (Only available in Namibia – may not be available for export to USA)















Duiker (Common)





$4,500 (CITES Required – not available for export to USA)

Bait (Leopard)

$100 each

Jackal (Blackbacked)


Baboon (Chakma)






Honey Badger









$3 per bird

Rifle hire

$30 per day



This outfitter offers Javan rusa deer hunting on one of the world’s most breathtaking island paradises: the African island of Mauritius. They will guide you on the trail of both trophy stags and Indonesian wild boar against a backdrop of white sand beaches, coral reefs, and mountainous rainforests.  At the end of your hunt, a luxurious stay in a 5-star resort awaits you.


This outfitter was the first on the island to specialize in spot-and-stalk Javan rusa stag hunting. Over the past decade, they have guided more than 1,000 deer hunters, including both bow and rifle hunters.

All 60 of Africa’s largest Javan rusa stags in the SCI books were taken by this outfitter’s clients. These hunts break records.

The hunting estate covers 10,000 hectares of plains and rain-forests scattered across four locations. You’ll see an astonishing number of deer during your hunt, and most hunters succeed after just one or two afternoons of hunting.

Your “base camp” will be an incredible resort and spa located just minutes from the hunting area. Rest assured that you will get a chance to enjoy those beautiful beaches!

The hunt lasts just two days of your seven-day stay. Most hunters choose to begin with a relaxing morning and lunch at the resort, followed by a hunt lasting for the rest of the afternoon and continuing until the shooting light fades. You can also choose to hunt in the mornings—a good option if you want to be more selective or hope to bag a boar in addition to your stag.


The Javan rusa deer (Cervus timorensis russa) hails from the southeastern islands of Indonesia. It shows remarkable adaptability, flourishing as an introduced species across much of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It thrives in primary forests, and hunts in such areas are the most thrilling.

Although the native herd in Indonesia has declined over the years, reaching such a point that the species is now listed as vulnerable, it has actually overpopulated a few areas. Mauritius is one of those places.

The Dutch imported the first deer of the species to Mauritius in the 17th century. They kept them confined in a park, but a storm eventually brought down the fence. The deer quickly made the island’s forests their home.

50 years later, it became obvious to the people of the islands that they had too many deer on their hands. Ever since then, hunters have kept the population in check. This allows the otherwise-endangered species to thrive without further threatening the delicate native ecosystem of Mauritius.

Javan rusa deer have done so well here that it has helped repair the damage to populations on their native island of Java. Several pairs were exported back to their homeland in 1989. One could say that Mauritius has turned into an unsinkable Noah’s Ark.


A better question would be “Why NOT hunt in Mauritius?” This island nation is exactly what it seems like: an unparalleled paradise. It is home to the third-largest coral reef in the world and more than 90 miles of white sand beaches. You’ll also breathe truly rarefied air—Mauritius scores as the nation with the second-best air quality in the world according to the WHO.

The inland rivals the coasts for beauty. Staggeringly steep volcanic mountains dominate the vista, with lush valleys in between. The lowlands alternate between bustling cities with an exotic blend of cultures and nearly untouched wilderness.

The people of Mauritius are just as much of an attraction as the islands’ wilds. They have a unique culture and cuisine, both featuring strong French, British, Indian and Chinese influences. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation also ranks the nation as the best-governed in Africa on such factors as safety and human rights.

When you aren’t hunting, you’ll have no shortage of things to do. Enjoy some spectacular sportfishing, visit some of the best golf courses in the world, or simply breathe in the incredible air and look out on the unforgettable sights.


With the hunting areas just 10 to 40 minutes from the resorts, you won’t have to worry about camping in the woods and eating out of your backpack. You’ll get to experience some of the best bars, restaurants, and beaches on the island.

We offer two different Javan rusa deer hunting packages for the same price of €5,490* (approximately $5,900 as of spring 2015). Both cover seven days’ stay for two adults.

*Prices may change slightly depending on the season.


This package includes three meals a day at preselected restaurants on the resort (you choose from one of three options for lunch and dinner). This includes drinks. You also receive meal credits for a wide range of restaurants and one 3-course meal at the famous Chateau da Bel Ombre. Beverages include a variety of beers, wines, fresh local juice, aged whiskey, and more.

Other perks at Heritage Awali include free golf on a championship golf course (equipment rental not included), a back massage, live music, free Wi-Fi at two bars, access to the Seven Colours Spa village, and activities for children and for teens. Play volleyball on the beach, go snorkeling or even get in some waterskiing.

We highly recommend Heritage Awali for hunters who prefer to have everything taken care of so they can focus on enjoying their stay.


At Heritage Le Telfair, you will have access to almost all of the same features, including the use of the 18-hole golf course and Seven Colours Spa. If possible, Le Telfair is even more luxurious than Awali—which is already a five-star resort. The rooms where you’ll spend your nights are positively opulent. You will even have a butler service.

This package includes breakfast and dinner at the resort (drinks not included). The outfitter will provide other meals during your hunting days.

We recommend Heritage Le Telfair for those who feel more adventurous. Spend your days wandering the islands, then come back to stay in some of the finest accommodations available anywhere.


~ Airport transfers.
~ Seven days of accommodations, as described above, for two adults.
~ Transportation to and from the hunting areas.
~ 2 half or full hunting days—more can be provided if necessary, but this is almost always enough to get a Javan rusa stag.
~ Rifle rental and ammunition.
~ Hunting permit.
~ Guide services.
~ Taxes and trophy preparation for one stag of up to 34 inches.


~ Small game hunting for up to 10 pheasants, one each of grey francolin, guinea fowl, and the hare, up to two red partridges, and unlimited pigeons. Includes free use of a hunting dog. Ammunition costs €1 per cartridge on these hunts.
~ Taxidermy and shipping: €150 per skull and/or €200 for a salted skin.
~ Brown pig hunting for €610 per day.
~ €250 for the slaughter of a brown pig.
~ Short gilt-head sea bream and tuna fishing trip for €300.
~ Half-day fishing trip for €450, plus approximately €70 for taxi services.
~ Full-day fishing trip for €550, plus taxi services and €10 per person for a picnic lunch on the boat.
~ Additional nights at the resort for €340 to €440 depending on the time of year.


~ €1,200 for stags measuring more than 34 inches.
~ €250 per brown pig.
~ Gold medal brown pig: €2,350.
~ Gold medal abnormal trophy: €1,850.


The outfitter offers hunts from January 5 to December 21. February and March are cyclone season, so we recommend avoiding these months. June through November offer the best chances to harvest a trophy deer, and driven hunts are available from June through September.

Winter and early spring—June through November—are Mauritius’s dry season. Rains stay relatively light and temperatures hover around the 70s and 80s.

The fishing is at its best between October 15 and the end of March. Those who want a combination hunting and fishing trip should aim for that prime spot between October 15 and the end of November. This provides the best combination of fantastic fishing, good weather, and great hunting.

Javan rusa deer hunting in Mauritius is one of the best luxury hunting experiences in the tropics. From the exceptional quality of the outfitters to the 5-star accommodations, it leaves nothing wanting. This could easily become your favorite vacation of all time.



Tur hunting in Azerbaijan remains not only one of the best mountain hunts we offer but also one of the best values in mountain hunting available today. Our private hunting concessions are full of game, the trophy quality is excellent and the experience is great. Our partner is Azerbaijan’s most trusted and professional outfitter with over 15 years of experience guiding hunters to trophies in the Caucus Mountains with a long term success rate of over 95%. Located on the western shores of the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan and its capital city of Baku offers a combination of new and old, great restaurants, sightseeing, and unforgettable hunting opportunities for trophy Dagestan Tur and the opportunity to combine with additional species.


We recommend all clients fly on Turkish airlines to Baku, Azerbaijan (GYD) connecting via Istanbul. Turkish Airlines offers the most flights in and out of Baku and offers the most dependable service in the region. Round trip airfare from various airports in the USA will average between $800 and $1,500 per person.  A letter of Invitation is required prior to travel at a cost of $150 per person to be paid in advance along with a deposit. Clients will be emailed a copy of their entry VISA and firearm import permit prior to departure. A representative will meet clients upon arrival and will help with customs clearance. After customs clearance clients will be taken from Baku to base camp. Expect approximately four hours by minibus and another two to three hours by heavy transport truck to reach base camp.


Dagestan Tur hunting in Azerbaijan is a journey into the Caucus Mountains and a test of physical and mental fitness. The Eastern Caucasian Tur, also referred to as the Dagestan Tur, is very plentiful and the trophy quality is excellent. GSS clients have been 100% successful on this hunt with no client needing more than three days to harvest their tur trophy. The historical success rate is 95% with an average horn length of 29” to 35” and occasional trophies up to and exceeding 40”.  The second tur may be harvested for a trophy fee of $3,350 to $3,950 depending on hunt. Additional species including Caucasian chamois, European brown bear, wild boar, and roe deer may be hunted for an additional trophy fee payable directly to the outfitter after harvest.


Flat-shooting rifle calibers from .270 WSM to .300 magnums are recommended. Shot distances average 200 to 350 yards however longer distances may be required as will shooting up and down steep angles. Rangefinders that calculate angle compensation are highly recommended. Rifle import permits are included in the hunt cost and will be provided by the outfitter.


Unlike most outfitters or agents in Azerbaijan, our partner can offer tur hunts year-round with summer hunts from May through September and winter/spring hunts from October through April. The months of June, July, and August are the most popular choice and offer clients the most favorable weather. The peak winter month of December allows clients to hunt the tur rut. March and April hunts offer the highest chances at combination hunts for those interested in additional species such as the Caucasian chamois or roe deer.


Hunters traveling to Azerbaijan should expect altitudes of 7,500 to 10,000 feet during the summer months with steep and rugged terrain. Although success rates are very high and horses can generally access the top of the mountains and most spike camp locations we do recommend that hunters arrive in the best physical condition possible to maximize their opportunity and experience when hunting here. The outfitter will provide sturdy wooden walking sticks that make traversing the rocky landscape much safer and easier. Winter hunts are conducted at much lower altitudes but can be very physical as well as snowshoes are often necessary when horses cannot be used.


Summer hunts remain the most popular choice and are offered from May through the end of September with the best weather from late June through August. Summer hunts also offer the best value for groups of four or more who can travel together or be paired together by GSS when booking. Temperatures often exceed 80°F during the daytime and can fluctuate into the ’40s or cooler at night. Rain is always possible and quality rain gear should be taken on every hunt.

We offer a choice of two private hunting concessions exclusive to only our outfitter. Each concession is very similar in terrain, numbers of tur, and success rates. The first area offers the best value in tur hunting with an average trophy of 8-9 years of age with the possibility of larger. No additional trophy fee applies in this area allowing clients to harvest the best available tur for one fixed price.

Our new premium concession arguably offers the best possible chances in Azerbaijan for clients who wish to harvest the largest possible trophies. Tur took from this area average 10+ years of age with 13+-year-old trophies taken each season. Average tur trophies will measure between 32” to more than 40” in horn length on this hunt (81 to 100+cm). One tur trophy up to 89cm in horn length is included in the hunt cost with additional trophy fees of either $700 or $1,400 applicable for animals of truly extraordinary size.


1-hunter: $10,850
2-or more hunters: $7,995 each
(Pricing include trophy fee for the first tur of any size).


1-hunter: $10,950
2-hunters: $9,400 each
3-hunters: $9,100 each
4-hunters: $8,800 each
5 -hunters: $8,450 each

*The above prices for the Kel Dag area include one tur trophy up to 89cm (length of the longer horn). A trophy fee of $700 applies for trophies measuring 90-99cm and $1,400 for trophies measuring 1 meter or larger. National Park entry fee included in the hunt price.


Second Tur: $3,350 to $3,950
Caucasian Chamois: $3,500
Brown Bear: $6,100
Wild Boar: $1,300
Roe Deer: $2,100

Non Hunting Companion: $3,300
Additional Hunting Day: $300 per person per additional day


We are pleased to now offering winter tur hunts for single hunters or groups of two. The December rut, as well as March and April, are the preferred months however clients can expect a successful hunt during any open period from October through the first of May. Tur generally moves to lower altitudes by November and stay at low altitudes through April. Spiking out is not typical during winter hunts as comfortable and heated cabins are used each night. Hunting in the winter is on foot, often very physically using snowshoes and physical fitness should be considered before booking. Trophy quality during the winter months is excellent and often produces some of the largest trophies. March, April, and early May are the best months for clients who wish to hunt additional species.


1-hunter: $8,500 plus $1,700 trophy fee (any size)
2-hunters: $5,995 each plus $1,700 trophy fee (any size)

Additional hunting days are $300 per extra day per person for extended multi-specie hunts longer than the standard schedule.


Base camps are very comfortable with electricity, heated shower, sauna/bath, and semi-private rooms with beds and bedding. A camp chef will accompany each group and excellent meals while in base camp. Clients during the summer months will ride by horseback from base camp to their respective hunting areas. Spiking out in tents during the months of May through September should be expected. Food in spike camp consists of candies, cheeses, meats, bread, etc, and clients are welcome to bring their own additional snacks/food if they wish. Water purifiers are recommended as a precaution. Tents are provided however clients should bring their own lightweight pack-able sleeping bag and pad.


A typical tur hunt will include an eight (8) day travel schedule with five (5) full hunting days. Depending on flight schedules most clients will arrive into Baku in the early to mid-morning and transfer to base camp the same day. The following day horseback rides to spike camp take two to eight hours depending on camp location. After harvest clients will have the option of hunting additional trophies or they can return to base camp to rest and relax before transferring back to Baku collectively as a group. Clients should expect at least one night of hotel expenses in Baku at the conclusion of the hunt prior to departure the following morning. Dagestan Tur hunts are guided with a minimum of two guides per hunter and often include an additional one to two assistant guides.


After harvest all trophy capes will be fleshed, salted and dried and skulls and horns will be boiled and cleaned. Clients will be presented with all necessary documents including Veterinary Certificate and applicable hunting permits before the conclusion of the trip as clients are encouraged to take trophies home as checked luggage. Clients may experience extra luggage or overweight baggage fees when doing so. Currently no CITES permits are required for the export or import of tur from Azerbaijan.


Meeting and assistance with customs clearance upon arrival in Baku at Heydar Aliyev International
Airport (GYD)
All Import and export weapon permits
All ground transfers for duration of trip
Guiding services with a minimum of two guides per hunter
All meals from during the hunt including alcoholic beverages in moderation
English speaking interpreter
All licenses, veterinary certificate, and hunting permits
Use of horses on most hunts
Field preparation of trophies to be taken home as checked luggage


International flights to/from Baku, we recommend Turkish Airlines via Istanbul
Letter of Invitation for foreign VISA ($150 per person including visa service)
Hotel in Baku before and after hunt
Excess airline baggage fees
Gratuities to guides/staff
Trophy fees for additional animals not included in hunt package
Second weapon import permit if client wishes to import more than one weapon such as a rifle and a bow